Thursday, July 31, 2008

Book review: Doggie Day Camp: Verb and Adverb Adventures by Cynthia Reeg

Good morning everyone in Bloggerville, Zebee here. Today we have a new book to review. This one is about a dog named Bubba. Let’s see what others have to say about it.

Author: Cynthia Reeg
Illustrations: Kit Grady
eBOOK ISBN 13: 978-1-935137-23-8
PRINT ISBN 13: 978-1-935137-22-1
DVD ISBN 13: 978-1-935137-32-0 (coming soon)

Doggie Day Camp: Verb and Adverb Adventures is a delightful read. Kit Grady’s illustrations provide perfect visuals for the adventures of a pup named Bubba. However, author Cynthia Reeg has nudged the reader to another level—one of learning! This author and illustrator have teamed up to present an abstract lesson in a concrete AND entertaining format. The activities at the end are the icing on the cake. This book, along with Kitty Kerplunking (also by Reeg), would be a welcome introduction to a unit on parts of speech for any classroom teacher, tutor, or home school instructor. It would also captivate any child’s attention simply as a fun read! --Jan Norton, Special Education Teacher; Seckman Elementary; Arnold, MO

In Doggie Day Camp: Verb and Adverb Adventures, author Cynthia Reeg entertains children with the story of Bubba the dog and successfully introduces verbs and adverbs to young readers. Children will connect with the delightful, yet, easy to read story of a shy dog left at day camp for the very first time. As readers follow Bubba through "tugging games" and "tasty treats," Reeg identifies verbs and adverbs in red and blue print. She follows this k-9 tale with a useful study guide and activities using verbs and adverbs. Doggie Day Camp: Verb and Adverb Adventures is not only an entertaining story, but also an excellent resource to introduce grammar concepts to young readers and reinforce the use of verbs and adverbs to older readers. I'm looking forward to more books in Cynthia Reeg's grammar series.

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Look at the fun stuff Cynthia has to do at her web site. I want to try the ‘dirty worms’ recipe first. What do you want to do?

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What fun things are you going to do today? I’m going over to visit with Elvis, Elvira and Elvin. He really is a cutie. See you Sunday with more zoo news.