Thursday, July 10, 2008

Book Review: ‘Never say BOO to a Frilly’ by Margot Finke

Good morning everyone in Bloggerville. Zebee here with another great book review. We have invited Margot Finke back to share her next book in the series about Australian and American animals. Hi Margot! Good to see you again. I’ll turn it over to you. See you at the end.

Hi everyone. Zebee has again invited me to play with him inside his Zoopriseparty-FiestaZoorpresa blog pages. Today I brought "Never say BOO to a Frilly" with me - 3 rhyming tales about cool Aussie critters: The Frillneck Lizard, Rainbow Birds and Tasmanian Devils.

"Never Say BOO" is sure to make Zebee laugh - maybe even giggle!



"Never Say BOO to a Frilly"
Aussie Frillneck Lizards, are they Dinosaurs that live?Or just some wretched lizards with nothing much to give?Without a built in thermostat to regulate their heat. Old Frilly has to wing it - and maybe even cheat.He sits out in the morning sun and soaks up every ray,Then stores that cozy feeling to keep night's chill at bay.
"Rainbow Birds"
Some artist on high must have painted each birdWith paints all so bright that it's almost absurd.There's red that's exotic -- a hot looking tinge,And blue that makes sky color falter and cringe.They're rivaled by shades of green, orange, and pink,A showing so brilliant it makes the sun blink!
"Tasmanian Devil Dance"
So, as you might gather, T.D. has no mates.It's easy to end up on his list of hates.This fierce, ugly creature, fears no man or beast.He's only content when he's gobbling a feast.

"Never Say BOO to a Frilly" and other rhymes. Published by Writer's Exchange EPublishing - Release: 2005Review in Holiday Crafts 4 Kids Magazine by Nancy Cavanaugh

Author: Margot FinkeIllustrator: Aysin ErogluPublisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing - ISBN: 1 920972 14 5Margot Finke has done it again with her latest e-book, "Never Say "Boo" to a Frilly and Other Rhymes." Finke introduces readers to frill neck lizards, various Australians birds, and Tasmanian devils, with cute rhymes and brilliant illustrations by Aysin Eroglu. As you virtually turn each page, you will learn more about these animals from their habitat to legends about them.

The book also has a list of some of the unusual Australian words used in the book. It gives a brief explanation about them. The e-book software is easy to install and use. The ability to turn the pages makes this a much more real experience for you and your child. To find out more about this e-book and Finke's other works, visit her BOOKS page.

Reviewed January 2006 by Nancy Cavanaugh.
Rating: [4 of 5 Stars!]


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Zebee, thanks for letting me visit with you again. I hope you and your friends have fun learning about the animals in "Never Say BOO to a Frilly."

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Gee thanks Margot. I am heading over to your site to learn all the cool stuff you have there and check out the Qlippit.

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