Thursday, July 3, 2008

Book Review Thursday : Maybe We Are Flamingos

Hi everyone. Today we have a real treat for you. My boss Joy wrote a review for the book ‘Maybe We Are Flamingos’. What a cute book.
***** ***** ***** *****

Maybe we are Flamingos
By Safari Sue Thurman and illustrated by Kevin Collier

Flora and Fernando are two baby flamingos. They are born a beautiful fluffy white. As they grow up they turn gray. They worry, we aren’t pink like everyone else, are we really flamingos? Follow them on their hilarious adventure as they learn how flamingos get their color and wonder what they would look like if things were different.

'Maybe We Are Flamingos' is easy to read and understand. Sue Thurman is a gifted storyteller. She weaves facts about flamingos into a truly enjoyable story. Kevin Collier’s artistic skill makes the words come to life. You know exactly how little Flora and Fernando feel and see what great imaginations these two baby flamingos have.

This is one of those stories your children or grandchildren will beg you to read over and over. This will be a treasured addition to any child’s library.
***** ***** ***** *****

A note from Joy:
I read this book by translating it to Spanish to my two grand daughters. They giggled and helped out with the colors and when I finished reading it, they asked me to read it over again right away. Thank you Sue for writing such a delightful story and Kevin for your great illustrations that bring smiles to children of all ages.

Okay, so where can you go to purchase the book? Check out Guardian Angel Publishing.
The book comes as a in your hands book, ebook (both PDF and the cool Flip book formats) or you can order a CD of the ebook.

See you Sunday with lots of good zoo news!
Zebee signing off.