Thursday, August 21, 2008

Book Review: "Don't Eat Platypus Stew" by Margot Finke

Today we have the last (sniff, sniff) of Margot Finke's books to review. We have really looked forward to Margot's visits and will miss her. I know that when her next book comes out she'll stop by and share it with us.

Anyway, here she comes, I can't wait to hear today's story. Talk to you later.

Hi Margot, what do you have for us today?

Well Zebee, today I'm reading you and your zoo friends the last in my series of rhyming books about animals from the US and Australia. Zebee's zoo friends tell me they have had fun listening to me read all my books on CD. "Don't Eat Platypus Stew" tells 3 rhyming tales about cool Aussie critters: The platypus, the koala, and the kookaburra bird.

I am reading it from my laptop, and the illustrations jump bright and clear onto the screen - all the Zoo friends oo-h and aha! They also think it's fun to hear the pages flip over.


"Platypus Stew"
Who built the Platypus? Ridiculous name!Was it someone you know, just playing a game?With fur from the beaver to help keep it warm,They added webbed-feet to swim up a storm!Perhaps you'll approve of its duck-like flat bill?But young laid in eggs? . . . Well I never will!
"Koala Capers"The Koala Bear is very rare,So much so, you’re allowed to stare.They’re soft, and gray, and cute as well,You’ve gotta love them – can’t you tell?
"Kooky Kookaburra"
Kookaburra's hunt for mice and snakes,
They don’t eat grass, or sissy seed-cakes.
And if one asks you out to dine, Bring your own eats – you’ll be just fine
Genre: Children's
Title: Don't Eat Platypus Stew - 30 pages
Author: Margot Finke
Illustrator: Rebecca M. Holdsworth
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing -
ISBN: 1 920972 13 7
Sunday, January 14, 2007Children's Writer Margot Finke Has Two New E-Picture Books Available!
Good news! When I first reviewed an e-picture book I was enchanted with the magical way the flipviewer turns the pages. I have to admit, I still think this is pretty special and does give a magical quality to these delightful little books.

Now, children and adults alike will love Margot Finke's medley of whimsical Aussie Bush Rhymes in her new e-picture book called Don't Eat Playtypus Stew.

Through Finke's engaging rhymes and Holdsworth's charming illustrations, children all over the world can learn about the platypus, the koala bear, and the kookaburra - animals all found in Finke's native Australia.
But readers probably won't even realize they're learning new information because the text and illustrations are such fun.

Finke even includes a glossary of "Aussie Words" in the back of the book, which is good because no doubt many readers will have no idea what she is talking about when she mentions some of these unfamiliar terms.

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Zebee, thanks for letting me visit you and your zoo friends with my series of books. I had fun. You can bet I will come back and visit - OFTEN!
Thanks again for a great story! I'm glad you you've had fun and you are welcome back anytime you want!
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