Sunday, August 17, 2008

Zoo News Sunday: Babies, zookeeper treats and special wheels for a turtle?!?

Good morning all. Zebee here. Another week with lots of zoo news. We sure are having lots of babies being born. This week we have an okapi and a few giraffes. Read about how the Jerusalem Zoo helped one of their turtles and what zookeepers are doing for enrichment ideas this week. Lots more, enjoy it all.

Look how cute a baby okapi is. Doesn’t he make you want to take him home and cuddle with him?
What kind of animals is Cuba going to send to Venezuela? What are they getting in return? Read this and find out.
Check out what the keepers are going to give the animals at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville. Learn about enrichment ideas and why it’s part of daily life at zoos all over the world.
What did the keepers give the polar bears? This is a really cool enrichment treat. I think I’ll pass this one onto Rebekha and Sally.
Look at this whale. He sure looks like he’s having fun. Wanna join him?
Now this is something you have to read to believe. What an ingenious idea. Do you think the picture is real?
There sure have been lots of giraffe births this summer. They are so cute, but even at birth I have to look up to them.
The Jerusalem Zoo is in the news again today with yet another giraffe birth. Congratulations!
I guess that’s it for this week. On Tuesday my boss Joy has some kind of blog award to share with everyone. See you then.