Sunday, December 14, 2008

Zoo News Sunday: babies and Christmas treats galore and Dianne Sagan as our week's guest

Happy Sunday to all of you in Bloggerville. Today we are traveling the world zoos with Dianne Sagan. She’s a ghost writer!

D: Hi Zebee and everyone out there. I’m looking forward to spending the week here at the ‘V Zoo’ with you and your friends. I can’t wait to share more about what it is that I write, but today I want to go with you around the world and see what’s happening at the world zoos.

Z: To give everyone a little information about you, where are you from?

D: I live in Amarillo, Texas and just love it.

Z: Since we are all animals here at the ‘V Zoo’, we like to know if our guests have pets. Do you have any pets, and can you tell us about them if you do?

D: We have a Bishon Frizee named Gigi. She is a little white dog who doesn’t know that she is the pet that lives in our home. She thinks we are her people and this is her house and family. We got her when she was five weeks old and had no puppy teeth. She fit in the palm of my hand and one of our daughters said she looked more like a hamster than a dog. She is now about 12 pounds and the smartest, most affectionate dog I’ve ever had.

Z: She sounds smart. Okay, let’s get going we have places to visit and animals to see. Are you ready Dianne?

D: Ready Zebee. Lead the way.

Zoo's new chimp enclosure is champ
See what awards this new Chimpanzee exhibit got! Way to go!

A Paignton Zoo Majic Ticket Will Get You A Train Ride And Buffett With Santa
How fun is this! Eat with Santa! I want to go, how about you Dianne?

Critter Christmas at the Salisbury Zoo
This is going to be fun. You even get to make your own gingerbread house.

Winter Fun at the Zoo
Go to the Dakota Zoo this winter and visit the animals. They’re out and waiting for you.

San Francisco Zoo welcomes new baby gorilla
Look how cute he is. What should they name him?

Santa Claus at the St. Louis Zoo
If you live near St. Louis, here’s a fun thing to do with your kids or grandkids.

Zoo Boise welcomes another zebra
Check it out. Another relative of mine is in the news.

Zoo offers free admission with donation to food bank
Get in the cost of a can of food. Now that’s a great offer and you help out the local food bank at the same time.

In photos: 'Belgrade Zoo White Lion Cub'
Now this is the cutest white African lion cub ever.

D: Wow! That was fun. Okay, I’ve got to run home for a bit. I’ll see you back here on Tuesday and I’ll share more about me and what ghostwriting is.

Z: Thanks Dianne, this was fun for me today too. I’ll see you on Tuesday.
Bye for now Bloggerville fans.