Sunday, January 25, 2009

Zoo News Sunday: new arrivals, food bank and be a keeper day

Hi everyone. Zebee here. Sorry I’m up a few hours late today, but I’ve been busy traveling all over the world to bring you today’s post. So, let’s get started. See you at the end.

Bristol Zoo Will Soon Be Opening A new Exhibit That Includes Allowing The Public To Feed Parrots
Want to hand feed some lorikeets? This is the place to be.

Erie Zoo to get another red panda breeding pair
This is good news. Do you know how few red pandas there are in the world? Read this to find out.

Bored at Work? Become a Keeper for a Day
If this is your dream, get the email address to send in to and the deadline.

First Baby Giraffe Born At HCM Zoo
A first for the Saigon Zoo. How exciting.

“Free Day” at zoo nets food bank donations
Wow! This was a great day at the Portland Zoo. See how many people came and how much food was donated.

Mexican Wolves come to the Cleveland Zoo
Wolves are such pretty animals. Come visit them in Ohio.

Famous Bear Gives Birth to Two Cubs in Zoo in Bulgaria's Lovech
Here the bears don’t hibernate! That’s different. Read about her new born cubs and life at the Bulgaria Zoo.

Rare endangered primate born at the Houston Zoo
The Houston Zoo is one of five to house this rare primate. Check out her picture.

Cute trumps brute in Philadelphia Zoo vote
Look at the picture of this adorable little pigmy loris. She really is a cutie.

Cute new arrival overload happening at the LA Zoo
Lots of new and very cute animals are arriving at the LA Zoo. Read about who they are and then go see them.

Well, I guess that’s it for today. I don’t know about you but I’m looking at that shade tree over there to lie down and rest. See you back here on Tuesday with more news.