Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Book Blog Tour: “Prairie Dog Cowboy” by V. Gilbert Zabel

Today we are hosts in a book blog tour. Zebee here and it’s my privilege to share this great book, “Prairie Dog Cowboy” with you.

We convinced the main character, Buddy, to join us here at the ‘V Zoo’ to talk about his story. Hi Buddy!

B: Hi Zebee. Sure is nice of you to have me here today.

Z: My pleasure Buddy. When my boss Joy read this book to all of us, we really wanted to meet you. What I want to know is, what made you decide (at such a young age) that you wanted to be a cowboy when you grew up?

B: Gosh, I had to herd Pa's cows, but on foot with my dog Patch. Cowboys get to ride horses when they herd cows. That's a lot more fun than running after them.

Z: That makes sense. So, was it really that hard to rope a prairie dog? The little critters that run around here don’t look like they’d be that hard to rope.

B: They are hard to rope. Prairie dogs are fast, and I do mean fast. The least sign of trouble or danger, and, zip, they're gone into their holes. I practiced and practice and practiced for years before I could lasso one.

Z: I guess I never thought about it that way. I run from danger too, as do most animals. I guess it was good practice though.

B: Yep, you sure could say that.

Z: What part of becoming a cowboy was the hardest to learn, besides roping prairie dogs?

B: The hardest lesson I had to learn was one that I nearly failed: Cowboys do whatever is needed to be done, whether he things it's important or not. That means I needed to move rocks from the road to the house so the wagon wheels wouldn't break on the roughness of a rocky road. Hey, if livestock needed to be fed or watered or stalls mucked out, cowboys had to do it. Being a cowboy is hard work, but I like it.

Z: Thanks Buddy. Cowboy life sounds like it can be real rewarding. My boss Joy has a review of the book she’s going to share with the folks out there in Bloggerville. If you want to look around a bit, feel free to, and if you want to rope a few prairie dogs while you’re here, you can do that too.

B: Thanks Zebee. This was fun and I think I will check out the rest of the zoo. See you around.
* * * * *

Okay, here is my boss Joy’s review of “Prairie Dog Cowboy” by V. Gilbert Zabel.

Life as a Cowboy back in the day

Buddy is five years old and dreams of being a cowboy when he grows up. He tends to the cattle on his pa’s homestead and with the help of his dog Patch does a pretty good job. He works hard, and his neighbor Caleb Hyman recognizes this. He offers Buddy a job, when he can rope a prairie dog.

As the years pass, Buddy gets really good at being a cowboy and many of the neighbors take notice. They bring horses for him to break, cows for him to keep an eye on and he does all this while going to school and taking care of his parents land.

The one thing Buddy doesn’t seem to have is his mother’s love. He doesn’t understand and try as he might by planting the fields, harvesting them when it’s time and taking care of all the outside chores, she doesn’t change her attitude towards him. Then Buddy’s father becomes ill and things get worse. Will Buddy’s mom ever love him? Why does she favor his older brother Jake? Will the brothers become friends? Find out as you read this action packed tale.

V. Gilbert Zabel has a way of spinning a story. Taking a time in our country’s history that is full of change, she tells of this young boy’s trials, tragedies and triumphs. Sprinkled into the story are facts about life as a cowboy back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s in the Oklahoma territory turned state.

At the back of the book there is some information that helps take this book beyond reading. There are sections about life in “No Man’s Land”, prairie dogs and a set of discussion questions to help reinforce what you’ve read. This book will be a great supplement in any classroom.
* * * * *

So, I know, you want to run right out and get a copy. You can if you go to 4 RV Publishing While you’re there, look around there are lots of great books available.

One more thing. As part of this blog book tour, Vivian and 4 RV Publishing are giving away 4 canvas bag with the 4RV logo on it. How can you get a chnce to win this? Leave comments during the 8 day tour. She says sorry, but they can be shipped in the U.S. or Canada only.

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Vivian Zabel

Hope to see you in the blog comments!

See you back here on Thursday with a virtual tour of a different sort.


Vivian Zabel said...

Thanks, Zeebee, for having us here today. Buddy appreciated being interviewed for a change, even if he was a bit shy about answering questions.

Zebee said...

It was my pleasure Buddy. You can come back anytime you want.

Zebee, aka Joy, or is it the other way around?

Rena said...

Love the interview with Buddy. The world definitely needs more cowboys!

Buddy said...

Gosh, thank you, ma'am.

I was glad to be interviewed by that cute little zebra. I thought about asking for a ride, but that might have been too forward. Caleb and Mary taught us not to be a nuisance.


Beth Bence Reinke said...

Nice to hear from Buddy. I guess we all need to learn to just do what needs to be done, whether we feel like it or think it needs to be done or not. Wise words from a cowboy. :o)

Zebee said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by. We here at the 'V Zoo' love company and Buddy, it was lots of fun to spend the day with you.


Vivian Zabel said...

Yes, thank you for stopping by and visiting with us today.

It was fun Zebee.

elysabeth said...

A little late but great interview. I enjoyed hearing from Buddy too. It's always nice when the characters can get in on the tours. Thanks Zebee for hosting Vivian and Buddy. Joy, great review. See you all in the postings - E :)

Joy said...

Thanks Elysabeth for stopping by. I know that Zebee really likes talking with the charaters in the books we host here at the 'V Zoo'. Maybe he'll get a chance to talk with the JGDS gang some day soon.


elysabeth said...

Maybe as more books are released the "gang" (or Squad) will be more adept at speaking with others. So far, they haven't even really been speaking to me. Jolene and Matt are working on figuring out state #3 now but neither has really been too enthusiastic about learning state history - lol (I think that Matt is scared because Jolene is at his house and Guy isn't around).

It is fun to see a different side of the author through their characters. Looking forward to more on Vivian and Prairie Dog Cowboy. See you in the postings - E :)