Thursday, February 12, 2009

Book Review: “There’s a Spider in My Sink!” By Bill Kirk, illustrated by Suzy Brown

Good morning all you out there in Bloggerville. Today I have a really cool book to share with you.

How many of you like spiders? I knew it, not too many huh? After reading everything in this picture book, you might feel differently.

Look! Here come Bill and the star of his story. Hi Bill, hi Ari.

B: Hi Zebee. Love your ‘V Zoo’, don’t you Ari?

A: Yes, there are so many places I could spin webs here. Hi Zebee, thanks for having us here today.

Z: You are both most welcome. So, Bill what got you to write about spiders?

B: Well, spiders have always seemed to be quite at home around our house, both on the outside and the inside. They really are quite helpful. So, my wife and I don’t get too freaked out oves spiders. When our grandson was young, he was very curious, especially about things that crawl around on floors and walls. When he saw a spider in the bath tub or sink, he really got excited. So, it seemed like a fun story to write about.

Z: We have spiders all over the ‘V Zoo’ and they seem to keep the mosquitoes and flies under control.
So tell me Ari, why did you pick this particular sink to spin your web in?

A: That’s a very good question, Zebee. I guess the main reason is the sink is downstairs so I didn’t have far to go once I came inside the house to get warm. Believe me, if you had eight legs and feet like I do, you wouldn’t want to do a lot of walking, especially up all those stairs. If you’re careful, sinks and bath tubs are great places to hang a web because there’s plenty of water when I get thirsty. Besides, I like visitors and Bill and his family who live in this house stop by often to wash their hands or brush their teeth. I feel like I’m part of the family.

Z: Sure sounds like it. I think Suzy did a great job with her pictures. She drew you exactly how you look, don’t you think Ari?

A: Yep, that’s me alright. I think Suzy really captured my softer side. Don’t you just love what she did with my beautiful brown highlights? I suppose you could say Suzy’s my favorite artist.

Z: I couldn’t agree more. So Bill, where did you learn so many interesting things about spiders? I had no idea that some spiders have 12 eyes and that some have none at all! Or that they don’t have ears and hear by picking up sound vibration from the tiny hairs on their legs. Cool stuff.

B: Yeah, I know what you mean. When you get to know them better, spiders are really fascinating. There are hundreds of books in the library and places on the internet where I found information about spiders. I could hardly believe how many people love to study spiders all over the world. Maybe some of your readers might want to grow up to be Arachnologists. That’s a fancy word for someone who spends their life studying spiders.

Z: This book is so full of information and fun to read at the same time. So, where can my readers pick up a copy of “There’s a Spider in My Sink!”

B: Luckily the books are easy to order online. Here are a few links your readers can try, with their parents’ permission, of course.

Z: Thanks for stopping by today Bill and Ari. Come back sometime, okay?

B&A: We will. This was fun. Thanks for having us here to share our book “There’s a Spider in My Sink!”

Z: I’m going over to the King Vulture exhibit to read it to Elvin. See you all on Sunday with more zoo news.


Bill Kirk said...

Thanks for the invitation to your place, Zebee. Bill and I enjoyed talking with you about where I hang out and what I do around Bill's house. Your Zoo is way cool.

Gotta go! The world wide web is waiting....


Zebee said...

Ari I'm really glad you stopped by today. Glad you like our zoo. Hope I see you around in the future.


Katie Hines said...

Loved it! I have an 18 year old who is scared of even the ittibittish spider and still calls her dad to come and take care of them!

Zebee said...

How funny Katie. Maybe you need to get this book for her. there's lots of factoids about how good spiders are for the world.
BTW my stepdaughter is the same way about lizards! Go figure.

Zebee, aka Joy or is it the other way around?