Sunday, February 22, 2009

Zoo News Sunday: Babies, Top Zoos and volunteers

Good morning Bloggerville! Zebee here with lots of zoo news today. From volunteers, to best zoos in America to lots of babies. Come join me as I explore the world zoos. See you at the end.

Oregon Coast Aquarium seeks Young Volunteers
This is a great program. If you or a teen between 13 and 17 you know has interest in working with marina animals, read this.

Baby mandrill born at Rome’s Bioparco Zoo
Really adorable pictures.

Spectacled Bear Debuts at Washington's National Zoo
Do you know why this type of bear is named the spectacled bear? If you read this you’ll know.

Roadrunner chicks hatch at Brookfield Zoo
How fast can a roadrunner run? Give up? Read this.

Five-Foot Tall Baby Giraffe Debuts at Columbia Zoo
Wow! Only ten days old and already 5’5” tall and weighs 126 pounds. He’s real cute too.

Phoenix Zoo ranked among top 10 in U.S. by travel website
Congratulations Phoenix Zoo! Now, if you live in the area, go over for a visit.

Top Ten Zoos in America
See who else is listed in the top ten zoos

Zoo awaits patter of not-so-tiny feet
These pregnant ladies are really pampered. Read about it.

Baby and mom
What a picture! Check out this orangutan baby.

Visually Impaired Students Touch And Handle Live Tiger At Oregon Zoo
How cool! This must have been a great experience.

Compare the meerkats at Aussie zoo
Meerkats, meerkats! They’re sooo cute.

Zoo sees first jaguar birth in 28 years
Watch the birth of the birth of the jaguar. Cool.

Three new at the zoo
What zoo? What’s new? Read all about it.

Okay, we sure visited lots of zoos today. I don’t know about you but I need a nap! See you Tuesday.