Thursday, April 2, 2009

Book Review: A Boy of All Time by Che Dee

Good morning Bloggerville fans. Zebee here.

Today my boss Joy is going to share a mid-grade fantasy book with you. It’s called “A Boy of All Time” and what a ride it will take you on.

"There was a time when sheep had black and white stripes and cats could play the trumpet, when all children could see me. Then the magic was gone--or perhaps I should say destroyed. Now time waits for two special children to find and recite the words that are lost. If I cannot restore my image to all children, then I might fade away completely. Even the land of the tulies is beginning to wither away and crumble. You see, I sense you can help and that is why I am asking so much of you. But one word of warning. Be careful if ever you meet the whirlwind of the red lands." And with these words, Big Tulie sets Mashu upon the adventure of his life. Accompanied by the little tulies, Mashu must find the words that are lost and recite them so that the Big Tulie won't fade away, and so that children everywhere can share in his magic. But once he saves Big Tulie, Mashu discovers that he must save his own world, as the terrible whirlwind of the red lands arrives! With the help of his friend Cassi, a clever teddy bear, and the unquenchable tulies, Mashu finds the power to defeat the destructive whirlwind. A beautifully written children's story for boys and girls ages 8 and upwards.

* * * * *
Step inside the imagination of Che Dee and read this fantasy tale of tulies, Mashu and his mission to save Big Tulie from fading away.

Mashu is a young boy who likes to play in the Birchtree Woods. One day he hears strange sounds and goes to investigate. He comes across the smallest children he’s ever seen. This sets him on an adventure to save Big Tulie from fading away.

Go with him on this wild and crazy adventure to a planet where socks talk, the land of Big Tulie, trips in magic busses and much more.

Che Dee has a great way with weaving fantasy and reality together. This story keeps you interested until the last page and then you want more.

Will Mashu be able to save Big Tulie from fading away? If he does fade away, what will happen? Can Mashu and his friend Cassie save the Birchtree Woods with the help of the tulies? Well, you have to read the story to find out.

You can get this ebook at
Calderwood books

Visit with Che Dee at her web site.

Bye for now bloggerville fans. See you back her on Sunday with more zoo news.

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