Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun with online magazines

Good morning Bloggerville fans, Zebee here. Boy do I have something fun for you today.

Do you ever get bored at home on a rainy day? I know I sure do. I just hate being cooped up inside my barn, but I really don’t like going outside and getting wet either. So, what is there to do? For me, not much, but for you. . .

You’ve already watched all your videos, played all your games maybe even painted a new picture for mom to hang on the fridge.

One thing you can do is get permission to go online and check out National Geographic for Kids Here you’re in for a real treat. Like anything from National Geographic, this is full of fun fact-finding features. There are games, videos, stories and more.

You’ll be busy there for hours. Your mom will be happy too because you aren’t bored any more. Makes me wish I was a kid and not a zebra, well, almost.

See you around here again with more fun ideas.

posted by Zebee aka Joy Delgado
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