Thursday, June 11, 2009

Book Review: Anna Mae Mysteries: The Golden Treasure by L.S. Cauldwell

Hello all, Zebee here. Today is book review day and we have a great book to share. How many of you like mysteries? How about historical fiction? Today’s book has both.

This is a book for ages 9-12, so it’s for an older crowd than most of the books I bring to you. My boss Joy shared it with us and I thought you’re big brothers and sisters would like this. (Maybe they’ll let you play with them next time their friends are over because you shared it with them.)

Here’s what my boss Joy has to say about
Anna Mae Mysteries: The Golden Treasure
* * * * *
Anna Mae, her brother Malcolm and her best friend Raul are on their way to school after what seemed like a very short summer. Strange things start happening; a ginger root that appears to be alive, a floating black fist and alphabet soup are a few of the pieces of the mystery Anna Mae has been chosen to solve. But how can a 7th grader solve the mystery of the Jefferson Davis gold theft that’s stumped adults since 1865? What does the gift she inherited from her grandmother have to do with it? Follow along on this challenging mystery and learn a bit about American history at the same time.

L. S. Cauldwell has done a superb job bringing together history and exciting fiction. She’s done her research and walks you through what happened to the Jefferson Davis gold that mysteriously disappeared while being transported through Lincoln County. She has added a bibliography and questions that help all who read her book learn more about that time in history.

Anna Mae Mysteries: The Golden Treasure is a good book for either summer reading or to supplement classroom studies about the Civil War and Jefferson Davis.
* * * * *
Okay, I know you want to know where you can buy this great book.

You can find more out about Lillian over at her blog.

That’s all for today. Come back Sunday for more zoo news. See you then. Now, where is that carrot I saw Rebekha come in here with? I bet she put it …
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