Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Zoo News: Babies, tasting events, and a grant from Target!

Happy Sunday, Zebee here. There’s lots going on in the zoo world this week. Let’s get going. See you at the end.

Cute new Chick At Toledo Zoo
Baby white-naped crane is the newest addition to the Toledo Zoo. See a picture and read where you can see the crane family.

Louisville Zoo Gift Shop Selling Animal Paintings
Not just animal paintings, but paintings BY animals. Elephants, gorillas and orangutans to be exact. Read about how the paintings come about and where you can buy them. Hey, I want to paint! Maybe my boss Joy will let me if I’m real good. What do you think?

A Wild Affair at Stone Zoo is a “Tasting” Event
This looks really yummy! Last year it sold out, so, if you’re in the area, get your tickets now.

Newborn Male Giraffe Calf at Rio Grande Zoo
Who doesn’t like a baby giraffe? Go to the Albuquerque Zoo and visit with Kashka and her baby boy.

Students enjoy a trip to the zoo thanks to Target grant
Wow! This is great. Now teacher’s can apply for these grants and take their students to zoos and all kinds of places. Thanks Target!

Brew at the Zoo
This ones for the over 21 crowd only. Neat idea, check it out.

C.C. marks 60th birthday at Springfield's zoo
Watch the video of this pachyderm’s birthday bash.

Zoo offers assortment to fill summer calendar
Now that summer is here, many zoos, including ours, are having summer camps. Read all about what the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC is doing.

Debut goes swimmingly for Sedgwick County Zoo's otter pups
Watch the video. If it’s hot where you live I bet you’d like to swim all day too.

Prairie Dog Town Will Open at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore June 12
Check this out! If you’re one of the first 3,500 guests on June 12th, you get $5.00 off your ticket. What are you planning on doing the 12th?

Zoo's African Journey: Go toe-to-toe with a lion or feed a giraffe on your safari
Cool video link on this page. If you live in the Ft. Worth area, this is a great way to spend a day or two or three…

Whew! There’s lots more zoo news this week but that’s all I have time for. Check out your local zoo and see what they’re doing this summer.

Come back Tuesday when I’ll share more about the Zebee’s Zoo Camp we’re having this summer.
Oh, and tomorrow check out our boss Joy’s blog Books Go Beyond Reading. The Bounding for Books Blog Tour continues and she visits with Kim Chatel and her book “A Talent for Quiet.”