Thursday, August 6, 2009

Book Review: The Wuffle by Wave Walton

Good morning book fans. Today my boss Joy has a book to share with you that is . . .

Well, I'll l et her tell you about it.

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Today’s book takes you on a journey into the world of a wuffle. What’s a wuffle? In the words of the story
Now, the Wuffle is hard to describe. It’s sort of a small, but fat, and round little creature with little, scrawny legs almost like those of a frog. He’s real fuzzy with big, beady eyes. He is quite funny looking really.”

Because the wuffle thinks he’s funny looking, he hides from the animals in the forest when he goes out for a drink down at the river. Until one day when one of the animals discovers him…

Wave Walton has created a story that children can relate to when they feel like they’re different and have no friends. This book let’s us see how unique each one of us is and how that’s a good thing. Ian Crittenden’s illustrations help you feel just what the wuffle is feeling.
* * * * *

When she read this to the V Zoo gang, we wondered if the Wuffel would ever come visit us. We're real curious about him. She said she'd see what she could do.

Wave has had the book translated into Chinese and published an English / simplified Chinese version. Over at his website, he has his book either available or soon to be available in Russian and Hindi with more to come.
In the future, Wave plans on having coloring pages and more to go along with his book, “The Wuffle.” Maybe when he writes another story about the Wuffle they both will come for a visit.

So, where can you buy it?

Check it out today.

I'll see you over at zoo camp later today. Mori is spending a lot of time at camp this week. He's answering all kinds of questions. All the kids keep asking him to show them his blue tongue and want him to lick his ears. We have several cool arts and crafts for you to do too. Oh, and if you send our boss Joy a picture of yours, she'll post it here next Tuesday AND send you a special for you gift!

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wavewalton said...

Good News! The Wuffle-A Walk In The Woods, the second Wuffle story, is now being illustrated. I really hope kids enjoy the tale as he ventures out and away from his cave to learn about the forest.

Joy said...

This is exciting news Wave. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading it.