Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Muse Online Writers Conference

Good morning book fans. Zebee here. This week my boss Joy is participating in her third Muse Online Writers Conference. She really has fun at these things.

People from all over the world get together online all week long. They meet in live chat rooms and workshops. This is really cool because you can pop in and out at your leisure. Well, not for the live chats, those you have to be there at a specific time.

So what do people do at the conference all week? The list of writer activities is nearly endless. Since my boss Joy likes to write for children, she attends workshops like our friend Margot Finke's titled "Write as tightas a granny's new girdle." Another favorite for her is put on by Devon Ellington. It's a dialogue workshop. She really has fun with the assignments in this one. There are ones about self publishing, web design, creating alternative worlds, writing romance novels and so much more I'll get writers cramp telling you about them.

Maybe next Tuesday she'll share some of what she did this week. Okay, here she comes and I have to get off her computer. See you Thursday for another great book for you to check out.

posted by Zebee aka Joy Delgado
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