Sunday, November 8, 2009

Zoo News Sunday: Hippos, Jaguars and the Salvation Army

Good day zoo lovers. I’ve got some fascinating treats for you today. Enjoy!

To start today off, I came across this incredible video about tow friends, Bella and Tara. Watch it, you too will be amazed.

Hippos crowd Israel zoo
That’s a lot of hippos! See how many and what zoos they are being sent to.

Minnesota zoo volunteers celebrate a shared birthday: one's 90, one's 100
See, age doesn’t make a difference. Read about these two interesting men.

African Painted Dog Litter Born At Pgh. Zoo
See these cuties and read their sad story.

Jacksonville Zoo Gets 2 Female Gorillas
Watch the video and meet Bulera and Madini.

Detroit Zoo hosts Salvation Army clothing drive
If this is your local zoo, go through your closets and help out this worthy cause.

New at the zoo: Two baby jaguars at Amazonia, public will name them LIVE VIDEO
Watch the video and learn about jaguars.

Akron Zoo To Add More Attractions
Something to look forward to at the Akron Zoo.

5 things you need to know about: panda names
Check out the 5 name finalists, learn their meanings. Sorry, voting polls are closed, but the winning name will be announced on Nov. 17.

Santa Fe zoo uses Halloween festivities to aid local food banks
This is where Rebekha went to lean how to be a zookeeper. Read about the fun time everyone had.

First Okapi Birth at the Lowry Park Zoo Since the Adult Animals Arrived in 2007
Babies are so cute, aren’t they? This one is no exception.

I’m going to end today with this fun quiz from Zoo and Aquarium Visitor. Test your IQ about the Giant Pacific Octopus.

See you back here Tuesday.

posted by Zebee aka Joy Delgado
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