Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lito passes the word

Hi all, Zebee here again. Lito just left Mori and has headed over to tell his other neighbor, Elvis, the King vulture. When those two put their heads together, things happen. I wonder what they will come up with today…

“Hi Elvis, did you hear about the book, you know, the one about us?”

“I heard Sally talking about it with Rebekha. Sounds mighty interesting.”

“Yeah. Listen, Mori is trying to find out what the book is about. Of course we can’t
tell him, it would ruin the surprise, right? So, if he asks you, do like I did and pretend you don’t know, okay?”

“Sure thing Lito, but I don’t think he’ll find out. After all, he is at the end of the zoo.”

“Thanks, I knew I could count on you, I always can. By the way, how are your wings? Can you fly around the zoo at night to spread the word?”

“Yes, but I have to be careful, if the keepers see me flying around, they will clip my wings and I won't be able to fly anymore. I’ll start tonight. I think I’ll visit Lox the elephant. I haven’t been over to visit her in a while.”

“Okay, great. See you later Elvis.”

“Bye Lito.”

This should be fun to watch. Elvis loves to sneak out at night. I hope he doesn’t get caught!

Until next time,