Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rainbow Sheep

Hi everyone in Bloggerville. Zebee here. Yes I’m back, at least for today.
We have a very special treat for you. Kim Chatel, a friend of my boss Joy, wrote a book about a rainbow and sheep. Anyway, Susan Steephenson wrote a review of the book and we are going to share it with you here. So, sit back and read all about ‘Rainbow Sheep’ by Kim Chatel.
Rainbow Sheep by Kim Chatel

Review by Susan Stephenson (

What do you do to cure a bored, lonely rainbow? In Kim Chatel’s latest book, Rainbow Sheep, Genevieve the shepherdess tells him tales that tickle him into happy tears. Those colourful tears transform her flock from grey and dirty brown, into rainbow sheep.

The delightful illustrations in this picture book come from Chatel’s own fiber art. There is a section Felting for Fun, after the main story, where Chatel explains how children can make a rainbow sheep of their own. What a great idea to combine the fun of reading with the joy of craft!

In a recent interview with Mayra Calvani of Blogcritics Magazine, Kim Chatel said “Sometimes it's hard to pick one voice out of the noise.” With Rainbow Sheep, Chatel has proved she’s one writer whose voice can rise above the flock.

Chatel has an instinctive understanding of what makes a picture book work. From the muted colours of the felted art work, to the gentle humour of the text, Chatel has presented the reader with a satisfying package. She uses simple, yet expressive, language – the clouds were heavy and grey, like the belly of a sleepy kitten, with her own deft touches of humour – the sheep were pleasantly steaming in the sun.

Quirky and delightful, Rainbow Sheep will be an asset to any school, library or home bookshelf. As a gift for a special child, it could begin a fascinating hobby. If you purchase Rainbow Sheep from Chatel’s own web site, , you receive a signed copy of the book and a felted sheep of your own. You can also link to a movie about felting and enter a children’s short story contest.

Pretty cool, huh? I’m going over to right now so I can get a signed copy of the book and my own pet sheep. I don’t think I can make my own rainbow sheep, seeing as I don’t have hands, so getting one made by Kim will be great. See you over there.


Kim Chatel said...

Thanks for the nice intro Zebee! I hope your readers love Rainbow Sheep as much as I loved making it.

Mayra Calvani said...

Great review, Kim! I have been really busy, but I hope to review your book very soon.

Mrs. C said...

Kim, the story sounds great, but I am most excited about the craft idea. That's a terrific bonus! I saw your update on Children's Writers Today and am so glad I popped by.

Mary Ellen

Kim Chatel said...

Thanks Mary Ellen. There's lots more info about needle felting on my site, including a movie of me making a needle-felted sheep.