Sunday, May 25, 2008

Okapi’s enrichment delight

Hi, Lito still here filling in for Zebee. Today Sally is getting to try out her new enrichment idea for Mori.
Join me as I watch over the fence and listen to her describe her idea to Rebekha.

“Okay, so I was planning on doing some tree baiting.”

“Good idea Sally. What types of treats are you planning on using? And how are you going to introduce this to Mori?”

“Well, I know that the Okapi’s like carrots and apples, so I was thinking of threading carrot chunks and apple slices on some twigs and then mixing them in with the tree branches.”

“Oh I like this. I think Mori will like it too. Need any help?”

“Thanks Rebekha, let’s go cut up the carrots and apples and get this up so we can watch Mori have fun with it before we go home.”

Sounds like Mori is going to have some fun today. I wonder when they will do something in my exhibit?

Oh, here’s a cool link I found about a mama Okapi getting ready to have her baby. Learn about how long the Okapi is pregnant, and find out why the keepers measure her girth on a regular basis.

Bye for now. . .