Thursday, June 26, 2008

Book Review: Prairie Dog's Play Day - and Other Rhymes –

Hi all. Zebee here. Today we have Margot Finke back by popular demand.
Thank you Zebee, for inviting me to your Blog page again. This time I bring you “Prairie Dog’s Play Day” - a funfest about three US critters. These 3 rhyming stories are also educational.

Please join me below, for timely information about e-Books, and great reasons for parents to incorporate them into their children’s library of books.
Genre: Children'sTitle: Prairie Dog's Play Day - and Other Rhymes –
36 pagesAuthor: Margot FinkeIllustrator: Kathleen Leilani Forrester IlerPublisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing
ISBN: 1 920972 16 1

“Prairie Dog’s Play Day” is available as an autographed CD through my website, OR as a download through Reader’s Eden, and other sources listed on my website’s BOOKS PAGE
You can also see further illustrations and sample verses.
Sunday, January 14, 2007

Children's Writer Margot Finke Has Two New E-Picture Books Available on CD or Download.

This second new e-picture book by Margot Finke teaches children about animals that may be a bit more familiar than the typical "Aussie animals" in her other new book. Yet, it includes facts about each creature that will be new information to most readers. Prairie dogs, Bald Eagles, and Skunks are all subjects for the charming rhymes in her e-book, Prairie Dog's Playday. Detailed illustrations make the books easy to follow.

Do you know what skunks eat for breakfast? Or, how Bald Eagles take care of their young, or how prairie dogs protect themselves from other animals? You will after reading this cute book. Story time truly takes on a magical feel with these two new delightful e-picture books from Margot Finke. (see her review of Don't Eat Platypus Stew on Suzanne Lieurance’s Review Page)
Reviewer: Suzanne Lieurance - VISIT her BOOK REVIEWS pageFreelance Writer - Children's Author - The Working Writer's Coach
PRAIRIE DOG’S PLAY DAY – 3 fun, educational tales.
These rhyming stories introduces children to the fascinating secrets of three US critters.

A special memo about E-Books on CD or Download.
from Margot Finke

I know Zebee and friends are all computer savvy – like your kids.
E-Books, like “Prairie Dog’s Play Day,” are read on a screen.
They are innovative and different.
Let them earn a special place in your child’s reading library.

Read on a laptop or computer:
*They can stop back seat squabbles during a long car trip
*Take your child’s mind off a dentist or doctor’s visit
*Great for a rainy afternoon in the family room
*Easy to pack and take to Grandma’s house
*Reading fun – a welcome distraction!
*Encourage reluctant readers
*Cool to share with friends
*Fun to learn from

Zebee tells me nothing takes the place of snugglingwith a wonderful bedtime story from a hoof held book. I agree!

But hey, Zebee, Mori, Lito, Elvis and the rest of the gang at the zoo, only go to bed at night.
What about all the other spare hours in their day. . .???????????

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Drop in on the Prairie Dogs and their friends – Eagle and Stinker
Thanks for stopping by Margot. I'm on my way over to Prairie Dogs right now.