Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Most beautiful animal, giraffe, leopard or . . .

Wow! You’ll never believe what happened at the ‘V Zoo’ today, so I’m going to tell you. Okay, my exhibit is between Elvis the King Vulture and the giraffes Honey, Star and Jewel. Well, Honey started talking with Jabari the leopard about what animal is the most beautiful. Honey said giraffes were because of their sleek long necks. Jabari said leopards were because of their thick fur coat and beautiful eyes. The argument got so loud they could be heard all over the ‘V Zoo’.

All the keepers came rushing over. They obviously couldn’t understand what Honey and Jabari were arguing about. Rebekha, Tad and Sally got treats for both animals to try and distract them. That didn’t work. Finally Jewel piped up. She pointed out that both animals were the most beautiful in their own right. This seemed to calm the two of them down a bit, even though they didn’t agree. So, what do you think? What is the most beautiful animal? Drop me a comment and I’ll post the results next time.

Until then, Zebee out.
(mumbling to himself) I need to rest my ears from all that screaming today. I think I will go take a nap.