Sunday, June 22, 2008

Zoo news for the week, there sure is a lot!

Wow is there a lot of zoo news this week. Far too much for one little zebra to cover. So, I hunted, read, and looked at about 30 different new worthy links and came up with what I think is the best of the best. So, here they are for this week. Enjoy!

Over 40 and still going strong!
Hoppy the King Vulture is over 40 years old. Read about how he met the late Steve Irwin!

Detroit Zoo Welcomes Polar Bears Neil And Buzz
from Zoo and Aquarium visitor ezine
COOL pics of polar bear above your head in plexiglass tank

Two tiny red pandas at Edmonton zoo carry survival of species on furry shoulders
If you only hop on this for a minute, the picture of the babies is sooo cute!

Rare otter gets sanctuary in Cambodian zoo
The world's only captive hairy-nosed otter is living in a new home in a Cambodian zoo, in a move conservation officials said Wednesday could help ensure survival of the rare species. Read more about this.

And to end today, look at this cool video and check out the link for the other video about this very different carousel.

Chatanooga zoo carousel video of the making of:

A news reel of chatanooga zoo and carousel