Sunday, July 27, 2008

Zoo News Sunday lots of babies and Zookeepers Week Celebration

Hi everyone. Today we have lots of zoo news to cover. One of these zoos is where Rebekha, the author of ‘Zooprise Party / Fiesta Zoorpresa’ works. Try to guess which one.


Houston Zoo welcomes birth of rare parrot
Look at this St. Vincent Amazon parrot. The egg he hatched from was the size of a chestnut!

Daisy protecting baby boy; zoo's George healthy, nursing
This is the first chimp to be born at the Knoxville Zoo in 20 years. He’s cute and his name is George.

Giant anteaters go for a nosey around ZSL London Zoo
Do you know how many ants an anteater can stick on their tounge in one day? Read this to find out, it will amaze you.

Lincoln Park and Rosamond Gifford Zoos Celebrate Zookeepers Week
I hope all you zookeepers had a great week. See what two zoos did to celebrate.

NEWS: Kidani Village opens in phases, new Savanna name, and new resident Okapi!
What a great picture of an Okapi. Cool place to visit too.

Oregon Zoo prepares for turtle release to wild
If you’ve never seen a baby turtle as it hatches, look here.

New residents at Denver Zoo descendents of famous flock
Baby flamingos, how cute!

Como Zoo Hatches First Baby Flamingo
Another really cute baby flamingo.

I guess that's all for this week. See you on Tuesday with more happenings at the 'V Zoo'.

With all this baby talk, I wonder if Elvis and Elvira had their baby yet. . .