Thursday, July 24, 2008

Book Review Mama Grizzly Bear by Margot Finke

Hi everyone in Bloggerville, and hello again Margot. Margot is going to share another one of her great books with us today. Take it away Margot.

Thank you Zebee.
Zebee has become my good friend. He invites me inside Zoopriseparty-Fiesta-Zoorpresa so I can tell you about some of my rhyming, educational picture books. This week I brought Zebee and friends one longer story, titled "Mama Grizzly Bear."
It takes you for a one year trip into the life of Mama Grizzly Bear and her new cubs.

The great grizzly mama is awesome and wild,She'll tear you to bits if you threaten her child.With her shaggy coat flying, she hunts down a meal,Her sharp teeth and claws make it look like a steal.
When winter comes roaring right out of the sky,The Grizzly snores off in a place warm and dry.Just wait until spring pops her first tender shoots,That's when, with a yawn, she'll start digging for roots.


Genre: Children’s - Title: Mama Grizzly Bear - Pages: 27Author: Margot FinkeIllustrator: Gloria SwanPublisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing - ISBN: 1 920972 18 8
Mama Grizzly knows exactly what to teach her inquisitive cubs, and Margot Finke knows exactly how to show us.
Readers young and old will enjoy following Mama Grizzly through a year of her life. In rhyming verse and lifelike illustrations, we see Mama snug in her cave nursing her cubs. When they’re old enough, she guides them to find the food they will need to survive, like berries, honey and fish. And when winter blows cold and snowy, a long nap is in order. A gentle nudge reminds us that man has encroached on nature and is her only threat.
Reviewer: Alice Berger, Muse Reviews


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QLIPPITS "voice" slides are a way to see "Mama Grizzly" illustrations, while listening to me read the story.


Zebee, thanks for letting me visit with you again. I hope this book helps you understand what makes the Grizzly Bear such a magnificent survivor.

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Thanks again Margot for another great book we can all learn from.

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