Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tiger Walk !?!

Zebee here. It’s early here at the ‘V Zoo’ and everyone is sleeping. I should be too after the night we had here.

When Elvis was doing his rounds last night, it was Hania the tigresses turn. See, Elvis doesn’t get out much these days. He’s taking turns on parent duty with Elvin. Anyway, Hania is a very gentle tigress, but she is still after all a tiger.

So, Elvis lets her out and she decides she wants to take a stroll around the zoo. She sets off in the direction of the Petting Zoo. Mind you, all the goats and sheep in there are sleeping, well, at first. One of them, Suzie, wakes up, sees Hania and starts bleating. LOUD! She wakes up the whole zoo.

Haina paid no attention. Elvis on the other hand is begging Hania to go back to her exhibit. She tells him in no uncertain terms that she is going to walk around the zoo since she has never been able to do it before. What can Elvis do? He’s no match for her if she decides to get nasty, so he just flies along side her.

Okay, she walks past the Petting zoo and goes over to the giraffe exhibit. She tells Elvis that she’s always been fascinated by giraffes and wants to meet Honey, Star and Jewel. Elvis doesn’t want to upset Hania, so he goes in and gets the giraffes. Needless to say, the trio is scared.

When Honey, who is the bravest of the three, came over to the fence, Hania told her how beautiful she thought giraffes are and would like to be friends. Honey ran back and told the others, who then came to the fence and the four of them had a nice chat.

By the time they were done, Elvira was calling Elvis to come home, so, he convinced Hania to go back to her exhibit.

Well, I think this event showed lots of us here at the zoo that just because a particular species of animal has a reputation for being fierce and scary, they can be gentle and a great friend.

That’s all for today, I’m going home and back to get some sleep. See you Thursday.