Thursday, November 20, 2008

Discussion with Jennifer Gladen about her book and magazine

Welcome back Jennifer and all you people out there in Bloggerville. Zebee here.

Hi Zebee. I’m really glad to be back today. This has been tons of fun. I really like the ‘V Zoo’ animals. They are very friendly.

So, Jennifer, tell us about your book A Star in the Night.

Sure. A Star in the Night is a Christmas story about David, my Main character. We meet David on a starry Christmas Eve night. He’s making his way home from the shopping mall after buying himself a new blanket. He also has cookies and hot chocolate on his mind.

On the way home, David has three encounters which will change his view of Christmas forever. After spending his last five dollars on special Christmas cookies at Mr. Renetti’s Bakery, David meets a hungry, mysterious, bearded man dressed in white. Next he finds a church in need of warm blankets for newborns. Finally, he runs into a girl in the park who has lost her coat. All the while, it seems a bright star is following him.

David finds himself making tough decisions. What will he choose? Why is that bright star following him? Learn more about David and his wondrous journey home.

I can’t wait for it to come out. Do you think when it does you can come back and read it to us?

Of course Zebee. I’d love to.

Now tell me, us about your magazine, “My Light Magazine.” I think it’s something our readers might be real interested in. How often do you publish it? Where can they go to read it?

"My Light Magazine" is a free online Catholic magazine for children. Our goal is to help children learn more about their faith and to develop a relationship with God. I think the earlier one connects with God and His teachings, the happier one’s life will be.

I do hope your readers get a chance to visit the magazine. You can find it at "My Light Magazine".We also offer a PDF version. If you’d prefer to have this version mailed to you, just send a message with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line to: .

I'm going to check it out today. Sounds like a great magazine. So, what if they want to send you a story or picture, how would they do that?

My Light is published once a month. To send in stories, articles or anything else,
See our Submission Guidelines located on our site.

You can follow Jen at:
My Space
My Light on My Space
Author’s Den

Well, that’s it for this week. Jennifer it’s been great having you as a guest here at the ‘V Zoo’.

Thanks Zebee, I look forward to coming back when A Star in the Night is published.


Lea said...

Congratulations not only on the book but also your magazine. I think a magazine to bring our children more insight into positive virtues is a must.

Janet Ann Collins said...

That book sounds wonderful!

Jennifer Gladen said...

Thank you Janet and Lea. I can't wait to share the book with the world!