Sunday, November 9, 2008

Zoo News Sunday: pumpkin soccer, surfing polar bear, what's next?!?

This week I ran all over the world digging up stories for you to read and enjoy. I sure found lots of stuff going on. Seems zoos are always doing something. Anyway, here are today’s picks.

Taipei City Zoo celebrates anniversary of relocation to Muzha
Looks like a fun event. Puppet show, activities and outdoor musical concert. Want to go?

St. Louis Zoo's baby tigers from Siberia are Khuntami's legacy
Great pictures of the 5 count them 5 tiger cubs!

Houston Zoo members enjoy early-bird look at active animals
Want to see the zoo animals as they wake up? Go to Houston Zoo. Read here to find out more.

Meet the Apes: Sunday at the Zoo
Want a picture with an orangutan? If you live near LA, you should go to the zoo this Sunday, that’s today. Learn all about apes, chimps and more. Have fun!

Miles of tiles in Croc Hunter mosaic tribute
What a nice tribute. I’m going to ask my boss Joy if I can be there for the unveiling.

Aust Zoo prepares for Steve Irwin Day
Read more about what’s going on for the celebration. Oh, and see how his kids have grown in the photo of them with their mom. This is a whole different article from the one above.

Chester Zoo to star in TV series from Monday
Get to see behind the scenes on Monday. Check it out to see what channel it’s going to be on.

Paighton Zoo Wants Your Left Over Pumpkins
What do they what left over pumpkins for? Find out.

‘Pumpkin soccer’ and baby rhino wow crowd at Chester Zoo
Looks like they are having lots of fun at the Chester Zoo these days. See what the animals are up to now!

Surfing polar bear thrills crowds at North Carolina zoo
What a fun enrichment! Willy is a big hit. See the picture and you’ll understand why.

Taronga Zoo's new pygmy hippo Monifa is a lucky baby
She’s cute and tiny.

National Zoo Set to Get a Makeover
Read about the plans for this huge renovation. It’s the first renovation since the 1920’s!

Zoo celebrates Chambeli’s 10th birthday
Happy Birthday Chanbeli! Read about this beautiful animal and the fact that she’s at one of the oldest zoos in the world!

Zoo prepares for pampered koalas
These two koalas are in for a big change. See where they are coming from and where they are going to.

New zoo center goes beyond the cages
Something different is going on in Tucson. Check it out.

Well, I think that’s quite a bit for today. I don’t know about you but I’m tired. I think I see a spot in the shade over there that is perfect for a nap. See you all Tuesday!