Thursday, December 4, 2008

Look in "Of Atlantis" by Lanaia Lee

Hello everyone. Zebee here today with Lanaia Lee. Today she's going to share her book "Of Atlantis" with us.

So Lanaia, can you give us a brief introduction to your book?

Sure thing Zebee.
Of Atlantis is an epic, fantasy novel based on the king of Atlantis known as Archimedes who is blessed with a source of incredible , untapped power. His mother, Cheris, knows his strength, but his father fears the young prince, his only son. In this first book, we follow Archimedes from his childhood until he is crowned king, marries and has children of his own.

His mother, Cheris, endures a loveless marriage out of a sense of duty to her subjects and to her only son, Archimedes, who she values more than life itself. The continent of Atlantis is comprised of multiple countries with five other kings. Political turmoil is rampant and war is always a threat to mankind.

Before that devastating day when the ocean swallowed the entire continent, they shared the joy and strife of life in Atlantis. However, one trusted advisor to the king proves to be a formidable and evil archenemy who knows and covets the awesome powers of Archimedes - his name is Uric.

After the devastation, Uric and Archimedes survive because of their special powers and their gift of eternal life. Throughout history, they play key roles in many important world events, always sparring for superiority. Uric continues to pursue Archimedes relentlessly attempting to steal his power, growing progressively stronger with time.

But do not underestimate Archimedes. He is proud, he is regal, he is Of Atlantis.

Z: Sounds really good. Different than most of the books we look at here, but I like that. I heard you've gotten some great reviews. Care to sahre any of them with us?

L: Of course, here's one of them.
"Of Atlantis - I think it is absolutely beautiful. I have to offer a caveat here - this is not my genre. Historical fiction, historical romance, historical fantasy - I have never attempted to write any of it. I am strictly American Hardboiled. I agree with Raymond Chandler, don't write about anything you haven't slugged in the nose. Having said that, your characters are brilliantly drawn. The descriptive passages are sensuous and tangible. The story runs on its own logic, as if it wrote itself. The Native Americans believe that, you know. They say that when a story finds an author worthy, it taps them on shoulder. . . your talent. This is good, Lanaia, really good. Your deserve all the good that comes from it."

~Barbara Banger, author

Okay, so where can they buy it?

You can get it at:
My website
Or my publisher's website or at

I can't believe the week's gone by so fast. I'm glad you came and spent the week with us Lanaia. Best of luck and do come back and visit sometime.

I'd love too Zebee. I had a great time here too. All of you animals are so friendly. Maybe next time I'll bring David and D.J.

That would be fun. See you soon. And until Sunday to all you people out there in Bloggerville.


Nancy Famolari said...

Sounds like a great read. Everything about Atlantis fascinates me.