Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Getting to know Lanaia Lee at the ‘V Zoo’

Good morning everyone. Zebee here. Today we have Lanaia Lee visiting us again. Hi Lanaia!

Hi Zebee and everyone out there in Bloggerville. I like that, sounds cool.

Z: Thanks. Today I wanted to talk a bit about you so our readers can get to know you better. Okay?

L: Sounds great. What do you want to know?

Z: Let’s see, why don’t we start with pets. Do you have any?

L: Oh yes, I have a three month old cocker spaniel, named D. J., named for my husband, David. D. J. stands for David Junior. I recently had a seven year old Jack Russell Terrier named Jack. Jack was diabetic and died May 19th, so my husband got me D. J. for my anniversary.

Z: I’m so sorry for your loss. D.J. sounds like he’ll be a great new pet. Okay, when you think back on your childhood, what one memory pops out first?

L: I have two. First, my most precious memory I have is from 1964, when my mom took me to the World's Fair in New York City. This is a very precious memory because in 1965 she died, and I was only eight.
Second, When I was five, my grandmother took me to the grocery store, she yelled " Fire", them ran leaving me in the grocery aisle, all by myself, when everyone came running and all they saw was me. My grandmother was in the adjacent aisle laughing.

Z: I’m glad you got that time with your mom. Your grandmother sounds like my kind of woman. Can you tell us a bit about yourself. What makes you you?

L: Back in 1992 I had a stroke that had me in recovery and rehab for years. I now spend my days in a wheelchair. I’ve prevailed by focusing my energies towards what I call a gift from God, my writing. I also met my husband in rehab. He’s in a wheelchair too. He got in an accident on a motorcycle while serving in the military. We compliment each other – David cheers while I type with one hand.

Z: Wow! What an inspiring story. Sounds like you have a great husband. Now, lots of people write. Why do you write?

L: I write mainly because it is a passion, also having no children, I always wanted to leave a part of myself behind, I couldn't do it through my children, but I can through my writing.

Z: What would you like our, uh, my readers to know about you?

L: I would like everyone to know, I am just a person like everyone else, even though I travel on wheels instead of legs. I am a very strong woman that has survived a lot. Give my writing a chance, read it and just like everyone that reads it, they say they are hooked. I hope my books, and the story of my life, there will be something for everyone. And thank you for taking the time to talk with me. I hope I gave you some in sight into Lanaia Lee and Of Atlantis.

Z: Thanks again Lanaia for stopping by. I look forward to sharing your book “OF Atlantis” with my readers on Thursday.

Thanks Zebee. If any of them want a sneak peek, they can go to either my web site(sign my guest book please) or my blog

See you all Thursday.


Vivian Zabel said...

Many people face disabilities, but how they face their problems makes all the difference in the world.

My husband is in a power chair and has many health problems. The main problem is getting him to slow down.

My hat off to anyone who continues to the best of her or his abilities, even despite those abilities or lack of.

educationtipster by author Kathy Stemke said...

This is an inspirational story. I'm glad your giving of yourself through books. I'm sure we can learn from you.

Kathy Stemke

Zebee said...

Thank you Vivian and Kathy for stopping by. I agree, Lanaia has a very inpiring story to tell.