Sunday, November 30, 2008

Zoo News Sunday: Frogs, okapis and Lanaia Lee as our guest for the week.

Good day to you all out there in Bloggerville. Today we are traveling the world zoos and I’m bringing another guest along. Let me introduce Lanaia Lee to you.

Hi Zebee. I’m glad I get to be your guest this week. Jennifer told me how much fun she had here at the ‘V Zoo’.

Thanks Lanaia. We had fun with her too and I know we are going to have a great week visiting with you.

So Zebee, where are we off to today?
Let’s see. . .South Africa, the USA and Canada. Ready?

Ready. This should be fun.

Okay, here we go!

South Africa's National Zoo Hosts A Fun Frog Walk
Great way to bring awareness to the plight of the frog. What’s that? You ask. Read here and find out.

KYLE'S KRITTERS: Okapi arrives from San Diego
More okapi news. I just love bringing news of our relatives here at the ‘V Zoo’.

Zoo’s holiday festival features live reindeer
Check this out, especially if you live in the Issaquah. Where’s that? Read this to find out more.

Edmonton’s Valley Zoo Opens Junior Zookeeper ProgramWhat a great Christmas gift. If you know a child and live in the Edmonton in Canada, you need to read this.

White tiger babies at Lowry Park on display Tuesday
Very cute! Love their blue eyes.

Zoo gets 5-year stamp of approval
This is a big deal and great news for the people in the area of Bridgeport, CT. They have a zoo that’s doing great things.

Unique California Birds Featured in Zoo's Backyard
Read about the additions to the Sacramento Zoo.

Lights turn Turtle Back Zoo into a holiday wonderland
Cool lights. I really like Christmas. All the special decorations. Anyway, if you’re in Essex County in New Jersey, check it out.

ZooLights: Wild fun at the Phoenix Zoo
Phoenix area? Don’t miss this. It goes from now until Jan. 11, 2009.

The Alexandria Zoo lights up the holidays with annual safari event
In the Alexandria, LA area? This one’s for you! Looks like this only goes until the 23rd of December, so go soon.

Bird tiles benefit Sequoia Park Zoo
Get your tile, personalized, for just $100. Great gift for the zoo.

Wow Zebee! I never knew we could travel so fast and see so many places. This was lots of fun.

I’m glad you went with me today Lanaia. I can’t wait to talk more with you on Tuesday. I’ve got to go over and check out what’s going on in the giraffe exhibit. I’ll see you Tuesday.

Okay, see you then.

What are those giraffes up to now? Star, could you please. . .