Thursday, December 18, 2008

A talk with Dianne Sagan

Hello everyone and welcome back to our week with Dianne Sagan. Hi Dianne.

Hello Zebee. Thanks for having me back again. What do you want to talk about today?

Z: We know about your ghost writing, do you ever write using your own name?

D: Yes, right now one of my projects is a series of Christian novellas. It’s called “Touched by the Savior”.

Z: Can you tell me a little bit about this series?

D: Sure Zebee. Each book is the story of a little known woman who met Jesus during his ministry. The first, a story of Rebekah, orphaned and used as a slave by her relatives until she is taken in by Lazarus and his sisters. The second tells the story of Peter’s wife. A third tells about the woman at the well after she went home from the well. I have other ideas to go with these also.

Z: That sounds interesting. I like stories with a new twist to them. What else are you working on?

D: I’m working with a revision for my novel, “Escape” for a publisher who is interested in it. I hope to have a contract by the end of 2008. I’m also working on stories for several anthologies and have a story published in the Tainted Mirror anthology (October 2007). The story, “Second Chances”, is about my son’s head injury and the aftermath.

Z: Good luck with your novel. I heard that you’ve recently sold the rights to one of your stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul. Can you tell us about this experience? What got you interested in anthologies?

D: Short stories are a part of life for me. I had several ideas for stories about my children and personal experiences that I was looking for outlets to send them to. A friend of mine in a writing group suggested I think about anthologies.

The thing I enjoy most about writing for anthologies is that I can feel accomplishment for a shorter piece of work, and that encourages me to keep going on longer projects.

Z: Anything else you’re working on that you’d like to share with our readers?

D: I’ve been shopping a novel of mine with the working title of “Brittany’s Story.” It’s the story of an abused woman who escapes to a shelter with her three children and her experiences trying to stay one step ahead of her violent husband while going through the court system. It is written as a suspense novel and is unlike any other book about spousal abuse. It offers hope and a light at the end of the tunnel even though, throughout the manuscript, the reader is never sure if she will survive. I believe it is unusual, too, because the theme is not so much revenge as redemption, courage and triumph.

Z: Wow! Sounds like you keep real busy. Dianne, I’ve had fun with your visits this week. Please come back sometime.

D: Thank you Zebee for having me and I’d love to come back. Can I bring my grandson? I know he’d love it here at the ‘V Zoo’.

Z: Sure, I’d like to show him around and I know the other animals here would like that too. So, can you tell us where to find more information on you?

D: Yes. You can find me at:

My website
My new blog
My Author’s Den page

Any parents out there can find the book I’m a contributing author in called "The Tainted Mirror An Anthology",on and barnes&

Thanks again Zebee for letting me hang around this week. See you later.

Bye Dianne.
It sure was fun having her here this week. I guess I’ll see you all on Sunday with more zoo news. Have a great day!


Nancy Famolari said...

Really good interview. I enjoyed it!