Sunday, December 21, 2008

Zoo News Sunday: Black Lemurs, lights and gifts for Mandrills

Good morning everyone out there in Bloggerville! Zebee here with another fun filled report about the world zoos. Today we have lights, gifts and new arrivals. So sit back and enjoy. See you at the end.

Zoo goers see lights -- millions of them
Go to the Brookfield and Lincoln Park zoos this holiday season. Lights, magic shows and Santa await you.

Naples Zoo gives gifts to animals
What kind of candy canes do hyenas like? Check it out, it’s not what you might think.

Zoo hides new arrival
Malaika is 22 and new to this zoo. See where she came from and where she was born.

Chester Zoo names its baby Eastern Black Rhino
What did they name him and what does it mean in English? Do you think he’ll live up to his name?

Festive holiday outings for the whole family
See what the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago is giving it’s residents for Christmas. If you live in the area, don’t miss out!

Bronx Zoo in New York City calendar of events for the holidays.
Want to go to the Bronx Zoo this holiday season? Here’s all the happenings at the zoo for you.

Bramble Park Zoo Has New Pallas Cat Kittens
Check out these highly endangered Central Asian cats.

Baby hippo makes first appearance at Berlin Zoo
Watch this video of a hippo and his mommy.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo will bring back "Dinosaurs!" exhibit in May
Something to look forward to this spring. Dinosaurs were my boss Joy’s favorite animals when she was a kid.

Gift Giving Means Monkey Business At Lowry Park Zoo
Cute picture of a Mandrill opening a present.

"Christmas Light Festival" continues at Montgomery Zoo
This looks like fun. I especially love the poster, take a look!

Como Zoo plans 'Noon Year's Eve'
What a fun way to celebrate New Years Eve with the young ones.

OAKLAND ZOO: Rare Lemurs Arrive at Oakland Zoo
Black lemurs with blue eyes? This you have to see.

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted. I think I hear that shade under the tree over there calling me. So, while I take a nap, you go have a great day and I’ll see you again on Tuesday.
Zebe out.


BBat50 said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog and on bilingualism. I just got back from ten days of vacation with the kids on Costa Rico. While my wife speaks fluent Spanish, the rest of us don't (our French is good). So, since we want to go back, I'm looking around at language tools again. I'm think that a site for Spanish vocabulary would be cool.

Zebee said...

Thanks for sharing those two sites. They look like fun. If you live in the US, you can learn a lot from watching Spanish TV.
Thanks for stopping by.

Joy aka Zebee, or is it the other way around?