Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More with Elysabeth Eldering

Okay so today we have Elysabeth Eldering back for a visit. Elysabeth, I’d like to share with my readers a bit more about you. Are you game?

E: Sure thing Zebee, but first I’d like to thank you for having me back today. This week has been lots of fun.

Z: Why thank you Elysabeth. I’m blushing, even though you can’t see it. So, where do you live?

E: Right now, I live in South Carolina. Growing up, I lived all over the world.
Z: Really? Why? Were your parents gypsies?

E: No. (lol) My father was in the US military. That took us to countries like Japan, Germany as well as several states.

Z: Oh, I see. We always like to know if our guests have pets and what kinds they have. Do you have any pets?

E: Yes, I have three dogs and a rabbit named Easter.

Z: We have rabbits at the ‘V Zoo’. They like to hide. So, if people want to read more stuff about yu and your Junior Geography Detective Squad, where’s the best place to go?

E: They can visit me at my blog, JGDS Series.
Z: Can you share the information on where to purchase the books again, in case someone missed it last week.

E: Sure thing Zebee. They can go to 4RV Publishing, and, or for special orders (schools and homeschoolers) by contacting Vivian. The teacher's guides are only available through special orders from Vivian.

Z: Well, we’ve run out of time for today. Thanks so much for stopping by Elysabeth. Good luck with your series.

E: Thank you Zebee for having me hang around all week. See you later.

Z: Bye everyone, see you Thursday.


Lea Schizas - Author/Editor said...

Elysabeth has hit a subject and series I believe will be not only interesting to children but educational, as well.

Kids need more books that draw them into a fictional tale but also teaches them something without preaching or them knowing they are being taught.

elysabeth said...

I agree Lea. No one wants to be preached to and by making the books semi interactive, I think the kids are more likely to pick them up. You never know when some of the trivia presented will show up on a gameshow (such as some of what I've read and gather has on Jeopardy a couple of times) and you never know when you'll need the information for something. But seriously, I think the books are fun to write and I'm hoping the kids are having fun reading the first one so far and will continue wanting to find out about the other 49 states.

Thanks for have me, Zebee and it has been fun - I'm looking forward to getting more books out. See you all in the postings - E :)

elysabeth said...

Looks like everyone is witnessing the events around the nation on this monumental time in the history of our lives. Hopefully folks will come by later and comment - E :)

Vivian Zabel said...

I visited with one of my granddaughters and her two little girls. Every once in a while, I do live elsewhere than at the computer. *laugh*

Good interview, Zebee and Elysabeth.

Morgan Mandel said...

I like the Easter Rabbit,instead of bunny - Cute.

Morgan Mandel