Sunday, January 18, 2009

Zoo News Sunday with Elysabeth Eldering

Good day to you all in Bloggerville. Zebee here with Elysabeth Elering for our weekly trip around the world to visit zoos and bring you news. Hey, that rhymes! Anyway, Elysabeth, are you ready?

E: Hi Zebee and everyone. Yes, I’ve been looking forward to this all week. Where are we going today?

Z: Let’s see, Washington, D.C., The Falklands, Sarajevo, San Diego and a lot more places.

E: Sounds great Zebee. What do I have to do?

Z; Hold onto my left ear. Ouch! Not so tight. Yes, that’s much better. Here we go!

A Rare and Blessed Event
New baby gorilla born at the National Zoo. See the picture!

City zoo teaching Scottish wildlife in Falklands
This is a great idea. I hope more zoos do this sort of thing. Sharing knowledge of where you live with others can help them understand better what it’s like in a different part of the world.

Sarajevo Zoo renovations aim to draw tourists
The zoo was destroyed from the siege in the 1990’s. Today it’s coming back to life.

Rare tree kangaroo species has twins at Neb. Zoo
Tree kangaroos are so cute and cuddly looking. This one’s no exception. Can’t wait to see her babies.

Red panda comes out of hiding
Live near Zoo Boise? Like red pandas? Then you’ve gotta go see this baby.

Fixing a Tiger's Tooth at the National Zoo
Did you know that tigers get toothaches too? See what was done to make life more bearable for Soyono.

San Diego Soo hosts Koalapalooza this weekend
If you’re in the area, go to the zoo and join in the fun.

Attend Lincoln Park Zoo's Mid-Winter Party
A special party to raise funds for the Endowed Fund for Conservation and Science is being held on February 27. Read all about it here.

Kings of the jungle come to FL zoo
Cool video. Watch the lions being brought in and listen to Ron MaGill talk about the process.

MLK holiday offers free day at the zoo
Live in Oregon or Washington? Want a FREE day at the zoo? Read this!

E: Wow! Zebee that was so much fun. I want to come back and do this again sometime.

Z: I’d love to have you along for the ride. I’m kinda getting used to having guests go with me.

E: Well, I guess I’ll be back Tuesday to talk a bit more about my books and my life.

Z: Thanks Elysabeth. See you then.
Bye everyone in Bloggerville, see you Tuesday too.


elysabeth said...

Those tree kangaroos are just adorable. The red pandas kind of have a fox look to them. Wonder what kind of names the contest will bring for that new one. That's an amazing fact that only 12 exist in the United States (or survived in zoos across the United States).

Zeebee, you are a wealth of information and I really enjoyed seeing zoos around the the states and some overseas ones. It's so much fun to learn about places one might never be able to actually visit. Thanks for sharing your zoo visits with us. See you in the postings - E :)

elysabeth said...

I forgot to mark the posting so I would get email notifications of when others leave comments.

Vivian Zabel said...

What a different type entry, and it was fun to read.

elysabeth said...

Wasn't it just fun learning and seeing new animals around different zoos. I just adore those tree kangaroos. Hoping more people will stop by - E :)

Joy said...

Thanks girls. This is always a fun day at the 'V Zoo'. We really like what Zebee discovers during his search each week.
See you back here on Tuesday with more from Elisabeth.