Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Zoo News: Big Cats, cool videos and “Wildlights”

Good morning Bloggerville fans. Zebee here. Today we have Deborah Ramos joining me on my journey to the world zoos. Hi Deborah!

D: Hi Zebee. I’m real excited to travel with you to the sorld zoos today. Where are we going?

Z: Let’s see, the Jackson Zoo, National Zoo, Zoo Atlanta and Detroit Zoo for starters. We’d better get going to cover them all. Ready?

D: Ready! Lead the way.

3 big cats explore digs
Check this out! New tigers at the Jackson Zoo.

Cool videos of the National Zoo
This is a group of videos done over the past several months of the animals at the National Zoo by Joe Elbert.

Zoo Atlanta’s giant panda cub now on display
Why are all babies so cute? Here’s another one, and he’s adorable!

Zoo is special place in winter
Many animals like the snow, not just polar bears. Read about them and the goings o at the Detroit Zoo.

Last chance to see zoo's 'Wildlights'
If you haven’t seen the lights yet at the Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary in Arizona, best get on over as they aren’t going to last much longer.

Zoo Animals Enjoy Winter Wonderland
More animals playing in the snow.

Happening at the zoo
If you live near the Franklin Zoo, read this. It’s a great idea for your young ones.

Nashville Zoo Has Established A Tactile Safari
This is a great idea. Now those who are visually impaired can enjoy what the rest of us enjoy all the time.

Two new wolves welcomed at zoo
Come welcome the new addition!

D: That was fun! Thanks for taking me along Zebee.

Z: Glad you liked it. I guess I’ll see you back here on Tuesday, right?

D: Right. We’ll talk more then. Bye Zebee, have a great day.

Z: Bye Deborah, see you Tuesday. Now, where is my lunch? I’m hungry.


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