Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting personal with Deborah Ramos

Hi Deborah! Hello everyone, Zebee here. Deborah, I’m so glad you came back to visit with us today.

D: Hi Zebee. I had so much fun on Sunday, I just had to come back.

Z: Today I’d like to share with our readers some, um, more personal things. Okay?

D: I’d like that. I want your readers to get to know me. What do you want to know?

Z: Well, since we are a zoo, do you have any pets at home?

D: Do I ever! I've always loved animals. I had lots of pets growing up. I used to set up backyard zoos with my pets and stuffed animals, and charge the neighborhood kids admission.
At the moment I have quite a collection. I have two cats, two noisy parakeets, a variety of tropical fish, and an overweight ball python named Mercury. Mercury sheds his skin and donates it to my art projects.

Z: Clever idea, the backyard zoo thing. I knew there was a reason all the animals here at the ‘V Zoo’ talk so highly of you. Shedding skin in art projects, that’s different.

D: Gee thanks. I guess they can tell when a person is an animal lover.

Z: Right now you live in California somewhere, right?

D: Yes. I live in Ocean Beach. That’s part of San Diego. You know we have a great zoo there.

Z: Yes I’ve heard of it. Actually I’ve visited a few times doing my zoo rounds. Everyone likes to know what children writers liked to read when they were children. What were some of your favorites?

D: Little Lulu comic books were my favorite stories. On rainy days or when I was home sick, I'd get comfy under my blankets and read all of my Little Lulu comics. The Secret Garden was my favorite book. As a teenager, I didn't read much. I found the classics boring, but Edgar Allen Poe fascinated me.

Z: Deborah, thanks for sharing so much about yourself with me today. Before we go, please share all you web sites, blog information and of course where your book can be purchased, in case someone missed it last time.

D: Sure Zebee. For now you can pre-order the book directly from the publisher, Windstorm Creative

My blogs are: Backyard Safari and Stormymoon
Stop on by and drop me a note.

Z: Our time for this week is up, but I hope when your book comes out you'll stop by and read it to all of us.

D: I'd love to Zebee. Thanks so much for having me here this week. I'll see you again sometime in the spring.


Lea said...

Fell in love with you as soon as I read you've got tons of pets. I'm an animal lover and find they are so crucial to one's sanity. You can tell them your woes and secrets and they keep them. GRIN

deborah said...

Yes yes...I am an animal lover. always have been. Thanks Zebee for letting me hang out with you and your friends, it's been fun. I enjoyed sharing a little about myself. That picture was taken in Seattle a couple summers ago when I was able to meet my publishers. I really love Seattle.

deborah ramos

Zebee said...

Thanks Deborah for stopping by. See you again soon.