Thursday, March 12, 2009

Book Review: White Snail by Iliana Metallinou

Good morning faithful followers and all those who happen to pop in today. Zebee here. I hope it’s beautiful where ever you are.
Today’s story comes to us all the way from Greece. It’s called “White Snail”. This book is bilingual flipbook in English and Greek. I love the cover. The little white snail is adorable, don’t you think?

Here is what people are saying about “White Snail”

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The White Snail Five Stars:
A delightful bilingual children's book Liana Metal is a talented writer of children's stories and it shinesin her latest book The White Snail. The White Snail is about a happy,lovable white snail, who wishes his "home" was brown like all theother snails. He meets a lovely female snail, who admires hisbeautiful white home, and the white snail soon realizes that the grassis always greener on the other side.The illustrations, done by Liana Metal, are cleverly designed. Youngchildren who do not read yet, can easily follow the story whilelooking at the lovable animals. I particularly enjoyed reading theGreek version. It took me back to my Greek school days when I was inelementary school and had to go to Greek school right after regularschool, 3 days a week. Some of the words I am familiar with but withothers, I have to guess. With some words, I didn't know what theymeant and had to guess from the story. I didn't know what the word forsnail was in Greek and now I do.Pauline Papacalos-HagerAuthor of Memoirs of an American housewife in JapanWebsite:
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The White SnailReviewed by Maria GounaETL teacher, reviewer, GreeceThe White Snail is about a snail that differs from the others in thathe is not brown but he is white and so he thinks that he is not asbeautiful as the rest of the snails. As a result, he decides to painthis "house" brown! But what will happen? Will he be able to achievehis goal? Will the other snails laugh at him or accept him as he is?And finally, will he ever realize that to be different is not bad?Written in a simple language without difficult verbal images orexaggerations and double-spaced, it is a book that is suitable forvery young children as well as for the "older" ones. Moreover, it isfully illustrated by the writer herself and this is an aspect thatmakes the book more interesting and entertaining. Most important ofall is the fact that the writer tries and succeeds in introducingyoung readers to concepts such as discrimination, racism and love foranimals in an amusing and easy way. It is absolutely a book thatcaters to everyone! It also caters to both Greek and English speakingaudiences as it is bilingual.

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My boss Joy read it to all of us here at the ‘V Zoo’ and we now look at snails in a different way. I guess the best lesson we all learned is that we are all beautiful in our own way.

So where can you get this delightful book? Get the book from Vasilis Savvanis Publications (Click on EKDOSEIS on the top red section)
You can also get it from the author via paypal email Liana Metal.
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