Tuesday, March 17, 2009

‘V Zoo’ happenings: Summer Camp

Good morning everyone in Bloggerville. Zebee here with some exciting news! My boss Joy, Rebekha and Sally are thinking about having a summer camp here! Think about that. A summer camp at the ‘V Zoo.’ Mori, Lito, Elvis and the rest of the gang here are all talking about it.

Oh look! Here come Rebekha and Sally. Let’s listen in and see if they talk about some of the plans. See you at the end.

R: I think a summer camp will be lots of fun, don’t you Sally?

S: Yes, I went to one when I was younger and had a blast.

R: What types of things did you do?

S: Well, when I was 6 we did things like look at bugs and learned all about them. We even got to hold some of them, the non poisonous ones. We did lots of crafts, all animals related. My mom still has some of them I think.

R: Sounds like fun. I think my mom is planning one day and week long camps for different age groups.

S: That’s what I heard. I know each group will have some type of encounter with our educational animals. They also will get some ‘behind the scenes tour’ and get to help fix diets and learn how we feed each of the animals. Of course there will be lots of crafts.

R: Let’s go over to mom’s office and see what she has in mind for us to do during summer camp.

S: I bet Jim will get to take the older kids to the . . .

Wow! It sure sounds like this summer is going to be fun here. Now I need to spread the word. See you back here Thursday with another great book review.
posted by Zebee aka Joy Delgado
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