Sunday, March 1, 2009

Zoo News Sunday: Play, Storytelling and a whistling orangutan!?!

Good morning Bloggerville fans. Zebee here. We sure have lots of zoos to visit today. There are all kinds of interesting things going on at the world zoos right now.

Let's get started. See you at the end.

Guess What’s New at Zoo This Year…
Are you in the Des Moines area? Blank Park Zoo has some interesting and fun things going on there.

This summer the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in one Very Wild Classroom
Come take a class at the zoo. Summer camps are going to be fun. Read this and then go over and sign up.

Baby Camel is Zoo’s Newest Resident
Go to the Detroit Zoo and get up close and personal with the latest addition to the zoo.

Have Breakfast with the Easter Bunny at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Join us on Saturday, April 4th. Read here to get all the details.

New Golden Lion Tamarin at the Denver Zoo
The Denver Zoo invites you, yes you, to come visit and meet their new endangered golden lion tamarin. While you’re there, visit the rest of the zoo and have a great day.

Whistling orangutan surprises Zoo
Have you ever seen an orangutan whistle? Watch the video here.

Belize Zoo jaguar turns 2
Happy Birthday Buddy!

Celebrate Pig Day at Brookfield Zoo
If you’re near the Brookfield Zoo today, go say ‘hi’ tp Penelope and Harley at the National Pig Day Celebration. Get all the details here.

Virginia Zoo Invites You to Come and Play with Their Animal Enrichment Toys
What fun! Now you humans can play with our toys and see why we like them so much.

Animals, what else, Focus of Zoo Storytelling Day.
Stop into the Hogle zoo on March 7. They are having some professional storytellers come in. Space is limited, so hurry. Oh, read this first so you get all the details.

Hope you all enjoyed today's trip. I sure did. See you back here Tuesday with more 'V Zoo' happenings.
Zebee out.

posted by Zebee aka Joy Delgado
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