Thursday, April 30, 2009

Book Review:Blue Dinosaur’s Friends by Barbara Stark illustrated by Paul Amrein

Good morning everyone, Zebee here.

Who likes dinosaurs? I know my boss Joy does. She used top have a big collection when she was a kid.
This is a sweet story about a young dinosaur who wants to play. One by one he asks his friends if they want to play. One by one they all tell him they are busy. He smiles and says “I’ll see you tomorrow.” After a nap, he wakes up to play with his turtle friend all night long. The next day all his friends come out to play.

Barbara skillfully wove the teaching of colors into her story. Each animal is a different color and the word is written in that color.

The illustrations are simple and colorful. The teacing of colors are brought out in them. I love the dinosaur’s smile.

For young children learning their colors this is a great book. For older children learning to read this is very reader friendly.

You can pick up your copy at:
Guardian Angel Publishing
and right here

Want to visit Barbara on the net? Go to her website and say hi for me.

Got to go, the giraffes are up to something and I need to see what it is. See you Sunday with more zoo news.
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Margot Finke said...

Great review Zebee.

Love your Blue Dinosaur friend.

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