Thursday, July 23, 2009

Book Review: My Twins are Coming Home by Paris Morris

Good morning all! Zebee here with another great book to review. Do you remember a while back we looked at Paris’s first book, “I’m Having Twins!” We are back now with the second in her series and it’s just as cute.

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“My Twins are Coming Home” picks up where “I’m Having Twins” left off. The day has arrived and Paris’s mom has her new baby sisters. Paris is so excited about becoming a big sister. Read how she spends her time waiting for her new baby sisters to come home and what she finally can share with them.

Again, the illustrations are very kid friendly. This is another great book in this series that big brothers and sisters will enjoy reading over and over again.

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I liked the book and so did the rest of the animals here at the V Zoo. I think you’ll like it to.

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If you haven't stopped in over at our zoo camp, hop over now and catch up on all the fun. Remember to send in your art work and stories for points to win one of our prizes at the end of camp.

Check back with me here on Sunday for more zoo news. See you then! Zebee out.

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David Morris said...

Wonderful Review!

Zebee said...

Thanks for stopping by David.