Thursday, July 9, 2009

Book Review: Tootsie the Nibble Hunter by Wave

Good day to you all out there in Bloggerville. Zebee and the whole gang here. I, uh, we have a book to share with you today that is about something we all like to do. Nibble. When our boss Joy read this one, we left thinking of all the nibbles we like best.
But first, let’s hear what Joy has to say.
* * * * *

While the kind old man that takes care of Tootise feeds her, she longs for tastier treats. When he takes his afternoon naps, Tootise sneaks out and searches around town for tasty tidbits. Go along with Tootsie and see just what good tasting treats she finds.

The illustrations are perfectly suited for the story. As Tootise goes on her hunt for treats, you are right along side her as you look at them.

Tootsie the Nibble Hunter is a cute read aloud story for young children. But watch out, you might want to go nibble hunting too.
* * * * *

Okay, that’s what our boss Joy had to say, now here are some of the gang at the V Zoos ideas of tasty treats.

Star the giraffe: I just love browse, especially when it’s high up in the trees. I can show off my long beautiful neck.

Molhi the lion: Give me a big hunk of raw meat any day!

Boris the bear: Someone else’s picnic, now that’s a treat!

Billy the chimp: Bananas are great, but I like them better when the keepers hide them around our exhibit and I have to hunt for them. That’s when they stick raisins in them. Yummy!

Elvis the king vulture: Those little tidbits of raw meat that get scattered around our enclosure. They are really good.

Mori: I like carrots. They are so nice and sweet.

Okay, as you can see, everyone has his or her favorite nibbles. What’s yours? Let us know and I promise we’ll share them here with everyone.
What’s mine you ask? Sweet hay, or chocolate cake, I can’t decide which I like better.

Where can you buy Tootsie The Nibble Hunter?
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I’m off to see what the keepers have hidden for me to find today. See you back here Sunday with more zoo news.
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Rena said...

This looks like a cute book!

Joy said...

It is Rena. Thanks for stopping in.

Zebee aka Joy or is it the other way around?