Sunday, July 12, 2009

Zoo News Sunday: Babies, babies and MORE babies

Good day to you all. I hope it’s nice and sunny wherever you are in this beautiful planet we all call home. Zebee here with yet another great week of zoo news.
This is baby news week. You’ll see what I mean as you read on.

Zoo Welcomes Kalispell, rare Okapi
Looks like Mori’s got a new cousin. See where she lives and watch the short video of her.

Endangered Baby Proboscis Monkeys Born in Zoo
More babies and another video. See where these live.

Piglets debut at New Orleans Audubon Zoo
And more babies. These are Babirusa (BAH-bee-ROO-suh) pigs. See what that means, oh and there’s a picture of them too.

A zoo full of babies
I guess this is just zoo baby week! See which zoo has a whole bunch of babies and what they are.

Zoo contest to name baby capuchin monkey
Want a chance to win something this summer? If you live near Norman, OK., check out what the rules are to win and what you’ll win if they pick you to name the baby capuchin.

L.A. Zoo's nursery is hopping (and crawling, and flapping) with baby animals
See how many different types of baby animals are at the L.A. Zoo this summer. Lots going on there too.

Utica Zoo welcomes baby sea lion - now a contest to name him
Watch this video and think up a name for the baby sea lion.

Memphis Zoo Welcomes New Baby Elephant
What’s this baby’s name? Find out when you watch the video.

Taronga Zoo's new-born elephant a massive drawcard
Another baby elephant. Watch the video to see just how cute he is.

Pygmy hippo born at Edinburgh Zoo
Learn about pygmy hippos and why this baby is so special.

There are other things going on at the zoos besides babies. Here are a few of them.

Zoo affords cheap fun
See how one zoo is doing this summer. Have you been to your local zoo lately?
Live in Brevard county, FL? For July and August go to the zoo for free Saturday evenings. Arrive after 5 p.m. and stay till 9 p.m.

Sleep With the Animals at NEW Zoo
I do this every night, but you don’t. See what all the buzz is about. IF you live in the Green Bay, WI area, this might be something you’d like to do.

So, when are YOU going to the zoo? Share with all of us here at the V Zoo what your favorite baby animal is.

Okay, so tomorrow is the second week of “Zebee’s Summer Zoo Camp” and we’re all about lizards. Pop in tomorrow and see what’s going on.

See you back here Tuesday! Have a great day!

posted by Zebee aka Joy Delgado
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