Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meerkat Mania and Leaping Lizards!

Hi campers (and other loyal readers), Zebee here. Today, as promised, I'm bringing you everyone's comments and art work from Meerkat Mania week over at zoo camp. So let's get started.

Favorite meerkat facts:

My favorite fun fact about Meerkats is what they eat! Spiders and scorpions.
from Wyatt
My favorite meerkat fact is that they are called the “Solar panels of the animals world.” I think that’s funny.
from Anne
I like the fact that they have built in sunglasses. I wish I did.
from Billy
Meerkat poems:

Meerkats! by Sally

Meerkats eat,
Meerkats sleep,
Meerkats like to dig.
I once saw a meerkat run down the street
Then I woke up
By Cliff
A friend of my boss Joy sent in a poem too. She’s an adult. I think you all will really like it.

No Mere Meerkat by Tanja

Mirka the Meerkat,
As you probably know,
Is the cousin of Timon –
Of the Lion King Show.

She’s agile and she’s cool
She’s nobody’s fool...
She’s seven years old and
She so hates the cold.

She’s the mob’s Alpha girl
Her life’s a big social whirl;
What with foraging, burrowing,
Sunbathing and grooming.

She’s the size of a squirrel,
A sleek two pounds, and lissom -
She closes her ears
When she doesn’t want to listen.

She dines on dainty morsels,
Make no mistake –
A varied menu of lizard...
Insect, bird and snake!
Art work:
Anne and Johnny sent in their meerkat art work.
Aren't they nice?
Okay, so all these children have now earned an extra point towards the prizes at the end of camp. Congratulations!
Remember, it's not too late to send yours in. The more you participate the more chances you have to win one of the 5 prizes being given away at the end of zoo camp.
See you over at zoo camp where this week we're looking at lizards. Chameleons and iguanas are the two kinds we're playing with and learning about.
See you Thursday, right here.
posted by Zebee aka Joy Delgado
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