Thursday, August 13, 2009

Book Review: the Four Little Pigs by Jeanette Ramnarine

Good morning! Zebee here. This week I have a really cool book. It's all about learning how to save and spend money. Here's my boss Joy's review of "The 4 Little Pigs."

* * * * *
Jeanette has done a great job helping us teach our children about the use of money.
Welcome to "The 4 Little Pigs." It's Caleb's third birthday and his parents want him to learn how to save and spend money.

One of his presents is a box of 4 little piggy banks. They are named schooling, saving, spending and sharing.

See how Caleb learns what to do with his money and how he decides to spend it.
Jeanette has created an easy to read and understand book about finances that all young children can understand. She shows ways to teach your young ones how to handle their allowances.

Franfou's illustrations fit perfectly. You feel like you are Caleb and are making the decisions right along with him.

Jeanette not only has the book "The 4 Little Pigs" she also has 4 piggy banks for you to use, just like in the story.

This book is a great way to teach your children how to start using money wisely.

* * * * *
All of the animals here at the V Zoo thought it would be fun to get an allowance. We don't need one, but if we did, here is what some of us would do with it:

Billy: "I'd buy candy, lots of candy."
Bindi: "No you wouldn't."
Billy: "Gee mom."

Elvis: "I'd save it for a nice new home for my family."
Elvira: "Thank you Elvis. That's very thoughtful of you."

Star: "I'd go to a beauty spa. I've always wanted to have a massage."
Honey: "That sounds wonderful. I think I'd do the same thing."

Lito: "I'd travel. You know, like you do Zebee. I want to see all those other zoos and things."
Zebee: "I'll see if our boss Joy will let me take you along some time."
Lito: "Thanks Zebee."

So, what would you do with an allowance? We'd like to know.

You can buy the book and piggy banks over at:

Have Fun!
See you all back here Sunday with more zoo news. I wonder where I'll end up this week. . .
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Katie Hines said...

Clever idea, and it sounds like a great book. I'll have to add this book to my list of books to buy and read to my grandson.

Zebee said...

Thanks for stopping by Katie. You'll like this one and your grandson will learn about the value of money.