Sunday, August 16, 2009

Zoo News Sunday: Babies, Zoo tips and Robotics?

Good morning everyone, Zebee here. Well, I visited a lot of zoos this week, and look what I found. . .

Zoo Animal Get Cool Treats to Beat the Heat
Last Sunday we shared this story, now watch the video.

'Corks for Conservation' wine tasting event at Binder Park Zoo
This one’s for the adults out there. Check this out for a fun time.

Endangered habitat Up Close and Personal
Cool new exhibit at Stone Zoo in Stoneham, MA. Great picture too.

Tips for having the best possible experience at the Columbus Zoo
These are good for most zoos.

Baby Elephant Born at Hogle Zoo
See the first pictures of newest baby at Hogle Zoo. When was she born?
How much does she weigh? Find out here.

New Babies at the Houston Zoo
What’s new at the Houston Zoo nursery. . . see their pictures and see if they’ve been named yet.

Rare Lion Cubs Unveiled at Zoo
Cool video of these rare lions. Learn why they’re rare.

Detroit Zoo Seeks Suggestions to Name Lemur Twins
Help name these babies. You have until September 2, so check this out now.

Denver Zoo Has the Ticket for a Wild Birthday
Is it your birthday? Do you live near Denver? Read this then and say “happy birthday to me!”

Brew at the Zoo – Adult fun
Are you busy next Friday? Do you live near Columbus, OH? If you said yes, then don’t miss this.

Endangered Red Panda Births Quadruplets At Denver Zoo
Read all about these cute cubs and see what other name Red Pandas are known by.

Indian Zoo Breeds “Endangered White Tigers”
Watch this very interesting video and learn about these beautiful animals.

Elephants, Robotics and Teens Together at Oregon Zoo
This is really cool! See what these three teens did and how it’s benefiting the elephants.

I just love visiting zoos, don't you? See what's going on at your local zoo and stop in for a fun family day. Oh, and if you do, send me a picture or two and I'll get my boss Joy to post them here. Thanks!

Now, next week over at 'Zebee's Summer Zoo Camp' we are going to be looking at SNAKES! Be sure to stop in and check it out.

One last thing before I sign off and go hunting for that great treat I saw Rebekha hiding, be sure to send in digital pictures of this week's art work from zoo camp. Remember, if you do my boss Joy will send you a penguin surprise.