Sunday, August 23, 2009

Zoo News Sunday: Shows, preschool and food drives

Good Sunday morning everyone, Zebee here. I visited lots of zoos this week and found out some pretty amazing things that are happening at zoos. Let’s get started.

Get Up Close and Personable With the Houston Zoo’s Elephants
I know the event is over, but look at these cool elephant pictures!

Zoo to Host Classic Car and Bike Show
What a fun day this is going to be today. Do you live in the Racine, WI area? Then what are you waiting for? This happens today.

Timing Is Everything
In Washington D.C.? Planning a trip there? Be sure to read this and then stop by the National Zoo.

Denver Zoo Raising Orphaned Monkeys
These babies look like toys, they are so cute. You’ve got to watch the video. See why they are being raised by the keepers.

Zoo Celebrates Adopt-An-Animal Day
Cool idea! Check this out. It’s past but not over. Oh, and if you want, you can send me some toys, I like to play with balls and jump ropes.

Drink Up the Sounds of a Pink Martini Evening at Oregon Zoo
Looks like another fun adult event. Worth checking out.

Food Donated at Fresno zoo
I just love it when communities pull together and use the zoo as the place to do it. Way to help out your neighbors Fresno!

35,000 Name Zoo’s Snow Leopard Cub
See pictures of these rare cubs and check out the name s.

Gorillas at the Columbus Zoo

The Columbus Zoo has a fascinating gorilla exhibit. Read about it and then go see it.

Zoo Atlanta: A great place for animal lovers
Reading this makes me wish I could spend more time at this great zoo. If you live in the area, be sure to read this and help keep your giant pandas.

Sedgwick County Zoo Now Offering Preschool
I think this is one of the coolest ideas a zoo has had yet. What a great way to start out a little one’s education.

Zebra gives birth at Mesker Zoo
Yeah! A Zebra story! Watch the video. You humans can’t run around like that when you’re only a day old.

These zoos sure have lots going on. What’s happening at a zoo near you? Share it here.

* * * * *
Tomorrow starts the last week of ‘Zebee’s Summer Zoo Camp.’ It’s all about those amazing antelope. Be sure to check it out over at zoo camp and send in your art work. Who knows you just might win one of the 5 prizes my boss Joy is giving away.

Check back here Tuesday and see all those slithering snake art projects from our dedicated campers.

Okay, it’s time for me to go take a nap. See you Tuesday!
posted by Zebee aka Joy Delgado
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Flores Hayes said...

I love your pics! the panda is so cute!!!
here a great find for panda fanatic!
Flor (

Zebee said...

Gald you liked my post. Check back weekly as we always have zoo news on Sunday.

Your bags are really cute.

Zebee aka Joy, or is it the other way around?