Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Slithery Snakes Week Update

Ssss...Good morning cmapers, Zebee here. This past week over at the zoo camp was all about snakes. A couple of our campers sent in some pictures to share with the whole group.

We here at the V Zoo love it when you send us pictures. Here are the ones we got this week.

First we have Beth's chain snakes. Look, she made a mommy and
baby. How cute and creative. Thanks Beth.

Now we have Beth's nylon snake. Thanks again Beth.

Okay, Anne sent in her spiral snake. Thanks Anne.

The last one we have for today is Sues's fun with words page. She's smart. She caught the trick fill in the blanks word, kite. Good job Sue.

Okay, that's it for today. This week is Amazing Antelope week and we will have art projects up tomorrow morning. This will be your last chance to send in art and have a chance at one of the 5 prizes our boss Joy is giving away. So, send in your art by next Monday. Use the link over at the Amazing Antelope week page.
See you back here Thursday with another great book review.
posted by Joy Delgado
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