Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Final Wrap Up for 'Zebee's Summer Zoo Camp"

Good morning campers! Well, today is the official end of 'Zebee's Summer Zoo Camp.' We here at the V Zoo hope you had as much fun as we did.

This week a bunch of campers sent in art work. Here are their pictures.

Sally sent in a picture of her Dogon WALU mask. Very nice Sally.

Anne sent in a picture of her maze. Lito is glad you got him home in time.

Jack sent in his kudu picture. Nice work.

Wyatt also sent in his kudu picture. We like your style Wyatt.

Beth and Susan sent in Lito's exhibit coloring page. Nice trees girls.


And our last picture for today is Sara's word game picture. My boss Joy almost got you with 'apple' but you got them all right.

The gang here at the V Zoo wants to thank all of you campers for joining in the fun with us this summer. Before we say good bye, my boss Joy has some prizes to give away. Here she is.

Hi campers! I want to thank you all for participating this summer in our zoo camp. I had lots of fun putting it together and it looks like you had fun too from the art work you sent in and the comments I recieved from some of you. So, at the beginning of camp I promised 5 prizes at the end of camp for participation. So here are our winners. Be sure to send me an email at with the address I can mail your prize off to and I'll get it off to you right away.

Okay, the winners of the two "Zooprise Party / Fiesta Zoorpresa" book and activity book are:
Wyatt and Anne. Congratulations you two!

The winners of the three goodie bags are:
Sue, Beth and Sally. Congratulations girls.

Because so many of you signed up for my newsletter, I've decided to make it a monthly event. Each month we'll have fun with a different animal and more fun things to do. If you haven't signed up for "Zebee's Zoo Zine" yet, it's not too late. Hop over to Laughing Zebra - Books for Children and sign up today.

Bye for now from all of us at the V Zoo. We'll see you back here Thursday with a great book review.

posted by Zebee aka Joy Delgado
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